5 Lessons Learned After 5 Days Off From Running

As I mentioned on the last post, I found out I had a pretty severe Vitamin D deficiency.  The weeks before the blood work I obviously wasn’t aware of it.  I was keenly aware, however, of how tired I was.  I’m not talking about just a “I didn’t get enough sleep” tired.  I was exhausted…drained to my core.  A simple 3-miler felt like a humongous task, even at a 9:30 pace.  I was so fatigued I was having trouble getting out of bed even on the days I wasn’t trying to get up early for my runs.  The Monday my daughter started Spring Break I said enough was enough.  I had already taken my rest day Sunday but I just couldn’t bring myself to run.  I decided to take a break.  I figured maybe I had overworked myself at some point and therefore I wasn’t recovering well.  Now I know what may have been the culprit.  However, during that break I learned a few things about myself:

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Early Christmas Gift


I had mentioned to my mother that I was saving up to run the King Crab Challenge in 2015. It’s the only scheduled race I have for next year since I need to back down on the number of events I register for. Living on one income means making some sacrifices and after the nice, active year I’ve had, I don’t mind. My husband and I agreed on one major event a year and I chose this one. My mother surprised me by paying for my registration as my Christmas gift. I’m truly fortunate to have such supportive family members.

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So, since I can’t run until the bone scan is done and my leg heals up I’ve been trying new ways to maintain my cardio fitness.

My life right now: crutches, stretching band, and a water bottle.

I’ve taken up spin again.  I wasn’t looking forward to doing it again since it wasn’t as exhilarating as running but I dove into it again.  I usually go to the 6 AM class so I can get spin in before work but today I decided to go to the evening class.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the instructor was Lori, the spin instructor I liked when I was pregnant.  It was a great class as expected.  It was refreshing to have her as an instructor again.

After the class.  Sweating up a storm feels great.

One of the perks of spin?  High cardio = high calorie burn.  Awesome!

Holy calorie burn, Batman!

I’ve delved in swimming for a bit.  I forgot how much I dislike it but I was able to swim laps for about an hour.  Still, swimming not my thing so I’ll stick to spin.

I miss running so much.  I miss the solitude and the beautiful scenery I get to experience.  Maybe I’ll try biking this weekend so I can get my nature fill.

Where I love to run.