5 Great Ways to Cross-Train

I’m a terrible cross-trainer. I’ve mentioned that a few times in the past. Running just comes so naturally easy for me that the thought of doing anything else is crazy to me. However, I know that running every day isn’t ideal, at least for me. Sometimes my body isn’t up to any distance. Sometimes my heart just isn’t into it. During these times is when I seek cross-training. Videos are typically my go-to but I love finding other ways to “break a sweat” they are fun and don’t feel like a workout while doing it.

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5 Things About Me

Blogging is as personal as the blogger wants to make it. I’ve divulged a few things about myself but just like any other social media user, you only know what I put out there. Here are 5 facts that you may not know about me. 

Cinderella’s Once Upon a Dream
  • I’m a cross-sticher. I learned needlework at a fairly young age (my earliest memory of it was when I was 9).  My mom crochets and used to cross-stitch on occasion so I became interested in both. Unfortunately (for me), I’m left-handed and my mom had a hard time mirroring crocheting for me. I got frustrated and gave up on that but picked up stitching. I don’t do it as often anymore since having children but every few weeks I’ll get the urge and get a few rows completed on my project. I’m currently working on Thomas Kinkade’s Cinderella’s Once Upon a Dream which is a beast but beautiful so far. 
Back in 2006 😱
  • Band geek alert! I’m a skilled musician in the violin, flute, and piccolo. I’ve been playing since I was in 3rd grade and took to it like a fish to water. I really enjoy performing arts and miss playing on a regular basis. I’m hoping one of my children choose to play an instrument one day.
Fairly accurate depiction…except I get “ragey” as well
  • Misophonia drives me crazy!  Oh, man. Sometimes the little sounds that shouldn’t bother people make me want to sucker punch someone. People chewing food or sometimes just breathing loudly gets to me. Snoring really grates away at me. I’m sure there are other noises I can’t pinpoint but they can surely get to me

  • Batman is the best hero ever. I’ve been a huge DC Comics fan since as long as I can remember. There’s no rhyme or reason for this loyalty as no one in my family was a huge fan when I was growing up. I know way more about Batman than anyone ever needs to know. I’m slowly coming around to Marvel but that’s because Deadpool has me cracking up. 
Which was completely rational at the time 😆
  • I have Thalassophobia.  Well, Thalassophobia and the fear of bodies of water in general, really. With all this running, one would think I would have at least dabbled in a triathlon once or twice. I really want to. Thing is, I really hate water and swimming in it. Being in open water is one of the worst things ever.  On deployment I never went for a swim call out in the open ocean. Getting my swim qualification while in the Navy was torturous. I won’t go near lakes. I even hate driving over water on a bridge. Two major reasons are that I hate the idea of my head going under the water and the idea that I don’t know what is in the water. I know the basic swimming strokes and can do them very well. The minute my face goes under or I get a bit of water up my nose I panic. I think a lot of this fear has to do with an experience I had when I was about 5. I was like a fish in the pool. Then I got pushed into the deep end of the pool and sunk to the bottom, unable to swim up or orient myself. Someone jumped in to grab me but since then I couldn’t bring myself to go into water.  The few times I did, I wouldn’t go anywhere where I couldn’t touch the bottom.  It’s escalated from there to being scared of more than just the deep end of the pool.  Excellent choice choosing the Navy, right?

5 Lessons Learned After 5 Days Off From Running

As I mentioned on the last post, I found out I had a pretty severe Vitamin D deficiency.  The weeks before the blood work I obviously wasn’t aware of it.  I was keenly aware, however, of how tired I was.  I’m not talking about just a “I didn’t get enough sleep” tired.  I was exhausted…drained to my core.  A simple 3-miler felt like a humongous task, even at a 9:30 pace.  I was so fatigued I was having trouble getting out of bed even on the days I wasn’t trying to get up early for my runs.  The Monday my daughter started Spring Break I said enough was enough.  I had already taken my rest day Sunday but I just couldn’t bring myself to run.  I decided to take a break.  I figured maybe I had overworked myself at some point and therefore I wasn’t recovering well.  Now I know what may have been the culprit.  However, during that break I learned a few things about myself:

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