About Me

Welcome to my little space on the internet.  If you had read my blog before, you probably noticed that I changed the name.  The change was due for a while.  Although I love to write about running, I know that it’s not the most exciting thing to write/read about and there’s only so many times you can write about the same thing.  Being busy with life in general has also made it difficult.  Instead, I decided to transform this into a space where I can write about life in general.

I’ll start with the boring basics of my life: My name is Erica.  I was born in raised in Southern California, decided to go to college in Virginia for a while to get out of my CA bubble, then ended right back in California to finish up my undergraduate studies.  After graduating college I commissioned into the U.S Navy and started the adventure of a lifetime (or so I am told…).  I spent around 2.5 years stationed onboard a ship out of San Diego, working in engineering the entire time – a far cry from my cellular and molecular biology degree.  I learned a lot, not only about ship life and my job but also about humanity in general.  There was the good, the bad, and the ugly during my time there.  If there’s anything I can say about that it’s that it helped me grow as a person.

After that tour I was given orders to a command in Virginia.  Cross-country moving is no fun, especially on the military’s dime.  However, I was happy to start over in a new place with a new group of people.  I fresh start was what I needed.  I spent another 2.5 years at this new command where I slowly learned to trust people again.  As great as my new place in the Navy was, it all came to a rather abrupt stop in 2014.  I was notified that I was no longer fit for duty permanently.  Shattered is not enough to express how I felt at that time.  The military doesn’t waste time trying to get rid of you when they consider you a drain to their resources so out the door I went.

My exit from the military led me up north to Maryland, where I now currently reside.  I took some time to “find myself” as it was probably much needed.  I may even say I had somewhat of a mid-life crisis at twenty-something (silly, I know).  After focusing on myself and some “life goals”, I decided to re-enter the working world.  More life lesson learned during my job hunt endeavor (humbling isn’t quite strong enough of a word).  Chased a couple of pipe dreams before I settled on a position in a large company.

All during this tumultuous time period I like to call “adulthood” I managed to pick up a few hobbies, get married, and start a family.   I like to read, run, bike, occasionally cook when I have moment (nearly impossible between race training, shift work, and 2 little ones), and day-dream about “what I want to be when I grow up.”  I try not to take life too seriously anymore and have learned to forgive a bit more.

I chose to start this blog to initially document my running journey and all the “specifics” that go into “running a good race,” whatever that is.  I realized that I hated pigeon-holing myself into one category and decided screw it, I’m going to write about whatever feels right at the moment.  I chose the title “Making Lemonade” because my entire life seems to revolve around that adage “when life hands you lemons…”  You know the rest.  I tend to get a lot of those handed to me.  I try and deal with them with as much grace as I can, which isn’t much…but I’m trying!  Hopefully you enjoy the nonsense I write mainly to please myself.  If not that’s alright.  You’re free to move on and I won’t be butt hurt.  I’m not always going to be someone’s cup of tea (or I guess lemonade in this case).  Find something you enjoy.  After all, time lost in something you hate is time you’ll never get back.

Welcome.  I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the chaos that is my life 😉

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