5 Things – April 14, 2017

I decided I wanted to start a bit of a “5 Things Friday” which I know is quite common among the blogging community.  I’ll try and make it a regular things but I won’t make any promises =).


  • I am employed!  I wanted to wait until things fell into place and everything was secure before I mentioned this.  Didn’t want to put the cart before the horse considering I’ve had a few instances where I had conditionally secured a job only to receive word that they would have to back out of hiring me =/.  However, now that I’ve received and returned my official offer letter I want to shout it from the rooftops!  I have a JOB!!!!  I never thought I’d be so glad to go to work again, lol.  Everything is lined up for me to start May 1st, including Jake starting daycare.  There are still a few things I have to figure out like summer care for Izzy but we’ll tackle it as it comes.
    • I’ll be working at American Sugar Refining, Inc here in the Inner Harbor.  The official title is Quality Control Inspector and I’ll be running test samples of the product in a lab.  I’m so excited to get back to working in a lab.  What’s great is I’ll put some of the knowledge I learned while obtaining my degree to good use so it wasn’t a waste!  Even better?  I’ll get overtime pay.  This may not seem like a big deal but after working 80 hour weeks on a ship and 50 hour weeks at a shore command, it’ll be nice to be compensated for working more than 40 hours.

One of 3 play areas at the farm

  • Bowie Macaroni Kid 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt (Montpelier Farms).  This past Saturday we attended a community egg hunt in Upper Marlboro, MD.  It was located at Montpelier Farms, a large and beautiful farm I’ve driven past a few times but never really noticed.  When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised at just how much there was to do at this event.  The farm had a playground area with 6 swings (a big deal when there are so many children in one place), 3 inflatable bounce houses (one specifically set aside for early walkers!), hay rides, animals (of course), and just so many things.  The hosts of the event, Macaroni Kid Bowie, did a great job ensuring there was something to please everyone.  There were various small shops from the community, snack vendors (only 50 cents a snack!), free face painting, and an extremely well organized egg hunt.
    • The egg hunt was the highlight for us.  Not only were the children excited to participate, but we were happy with how it was set up.  They had placed several empty eggs in a field and each field was separated by age categories.  There was a wave start for each field so that parents with multiple children would be able to attend each hunt.  In the end, the children traded their empty eggs for a goody bag, and every child received one whether they got one egg or 20.  This was the best part because I’ve participated in egg hunts where the eggs are full.  Typically what has happened was the older children would break open the eggs and based on what was inside would either keep them or dumped them back on the ground.  This was frustrating because they would essentially overrun the younger children in favor of finding the chocolate-filled eggs before the younger ones got to them.  Since that experience I decided to sit out hunts until I heard of this one.  The experience was so great that I’m sure we’ll be back next year.

Perfect weather = playground visits

  • Spring has sprung!  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week!  Our family has definitely been enjoying the warm weather.  I’ve taken a few days of delaying my run until after drop-off so that Jake and I could enjoy the sunshine.  We’ve done a few park/playground trips and just reveled in the fact that we can enjoy being outdoors again.  It looks like this weather is here to stay and I couldn’t be happier!

One of the many Band Aid styles we have (we keep a selection of 5 different characters)

  • The super power of Band-Aids.  My daughter suffered a nasty fall last Tuesday that left her scraped up from her chin to her forehead.  She was quite self-conscious about how she looked…so much so she would walk around in public with her hand over her face.  It broke my heart how at this young age she is fully aware if she doesn’t look “normal”.  I tried to talk to her to reassure her that people only asked about it because they cared about her and wanted to make sure she was okay.  This didn’t ease her anxiety.  I finally offered up putting a band-aid on it, figuring maybe it would cheer her up (she LOVES band-aids).  She perked up immediately and excitedly chose a band-aid.  Once I placed it on her she was all smiles and her confident self again.  She broke my heart again when she told me she loved it because she didn’t look weird anymore.  I tried to reinforce that she looked perfect no matter what.  I hate that she feels like she had to cover it to feel better but I couldn’t be more grateful for the peace of mind the band-aids gave her.  She healed up wonderfully and no longer has a scab now so we’re not using them anymore but I am so thankful for them.


  • Crescent bunnies.  What’s a holiday in our household if we don’t make some sort of pastry to celebrate it?  I found a quick and easy guide to making chocolate-filled bunnies out of Crescent Rolls the other day and decided to make them with Izzy.  They were super easy to make, only requiring 3 ingredients, and were done in about 20 minutes.  We added a bit more decoration to them since Izzy said that bunnies needed eyes and mouths.  They were a lot of fun to make and a great bonding moment for us.

Well, that’s my 5 for today.  Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Easter weekend!



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