What I’m Loving – 05APR2017

I’ve gone dark here, haven’t I?  I’ve been fairly busy with life in general.  I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging here but without much training going on, there’s not much to write about.  I’m thinking about switching the direction of my blog a little to include a bit more of my life, something I do on occasion anyway.  I probably won’t get too personal as some things should just stay off the internet.

With that, I wanted to sit down and kind of do a small “What I’m loving/good news I’ve gotten” kind of update.  It’s not running related at all so feel free to pass it up if that’s what you’re looking for.

  • White House Easter Egg Roll – Every year at the White House they hold this huge Easter celebration on the lawn.  I had heard about it and seen photos.  I’ve been wanting to attend it, especially after Izzy was born, but I never really tried to figure out how you got in.  2 years ago I found out military actually had tickets to the event set aside for them.  You just had to ask your command.  Well, shoot.  I was out of the service by then.  I researched it on the internet for a bit and found out about the public lottery.  I tried to enter in 2016 but missed the window.  They’re not very precise on when they’ll open it so if you’re not actively checking the site every week you’ll miss it.  I was disappointed but it wasn’t the end of the world.  This year a local mom’s magazine announced the opening on Facebook.  I jumped at the chance and crossed my fingers.  We had to wait 2 weeks before the results came out.  I almost forgot about it, to be honest.  Well, imagine my shock when we got an email on Friday saying we got in!
    • Now, we had to put in our time preferences for attending.  We originally wanted 9:30 AM since it was late enough for us to get there and have the kids rearing to go.  We got into the 7:00 AM one.  That’s okay!  My children are early risers (much to my dismay) so we’ll be fine.  We’ll be staying at our favorite Marriot which is a short walk away from the White House.
    • We’ve gotten a lot of congratulations from friends, but I’ve also received a lot of “how could you go with that President in the House?”  Um, let me reiterate:  This is the White House Easter Egg Roll.  I don’t care who’s President.  We got in this year and who’s to say we’ll get in when we apply in the future.  We live close to DC now and may not in the next few years.  Even so, who knows who’ll be President if we were to get into it in the future?  It’s like one of my good friends said: This is the thing you only see people in the movies do! (She was referencing National Treasure 2, lol).  Plus, why would I pass us this opportunity where there will be celebrity guests, probably outstanding food, and a great, organized event for our kids?  Hell, if I can get a photo with the President I’ll be ecstatic.  I’ve never met a President…not even when I was in service.  I’m taking advantage of the possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I’ll have to meet one.  If that makes you hate me then fine.  Maybe we shouldn’t be friends.
  • My Cholesterol! – Ha, this may sound silly but I’m super stoked about my results from my lipid panel.  I had a physical last week so I could take the local sheriff’s exam and had blood work completed as a result.  I cringed at getting the results as I knew my family history wasn’t exactly in my favor (I have a sibling with hyperthyroidism, and parents with high blood pressure/high cholesterol).  I once flagged with high blood pressure a few years back which is what kind of stirred me into my fitness habits.  With my current love for bulletproof coffee I prepared myself for the worst…and was shocked.  My total cholesterol was over 200…a bit elevated but not for a bad reason.  My HDL came back at 111!  A “good” level is 40…60 is excellent.  My doctor was in shock.  My LDL was right within range at 83 so even that wasn’t elevated.  To be honest, I have no idea how I got my levels to where they are.  I can only credit running/exercising and maybe the fact that I don’t eat egg yolks (the texture freaks me out) and eat red meat only occasionally.  Still, I guess whatever I’m doing is working so I’ll keep on chugging!
    • On the flip side my Vitamin D is bad.  I’m deficient…coming in at only 13 ng/mL.  Deficiency begins at anything below 21 so it’s not even slightly low.  I have to go back to taking super strength prescribed Vitamin D.  I’m not surprised and I flagged an insufficient back when I developed a stress fracture in 2013.  Plus, with my disorder history and the fact that I never go outside it’s no surprise it would be this low (and yes, I do run outside a lot but a lot of my running is done before sunrise).  This does answer the question I had as to why I was feeling so exhausted in general lately.  I’ve been so worn down that I’ve had to take extended breaks from running some weeks.  Hopefully this is the culprit and I’ll be feeling like my old self in a few weeks
  • Bulletproof Coffee – OMG.  It’s as though I’ve found the nectar of the gods with this coffee.  When I first heard about it I was quite skeptical and slightly grossed out.  Butter in coffee?!  Sounds heinous!  However, one day while at our local, small-business coffee shop I saw they had started offering bulletproof coffee.  Curiosity got the best of me and I order a small cup (in case I hated it I wouldn’t feel bad tossing it).  I took one sip and I was converted.  It tasted delicious.  It was so smooth and was similar to my usual plain latte.  I kicked myself for waiting so long to try this out and missing out on its awesomeness for so long.  I googled how to make it, bought the supplies, and now it’s become a staple of my weekday breakfast routine.  It’s perfect because my mornings are usually marked by rushing out the door.  After getting the kids ready and fed I have just enough time to make coffee.  This has solved my hunger issue I faced in the morning as I try to not rely on fast food places or things like Eggo waffles.  Now, I worried about the amount of butter/oil in it initially but after my blood work results, I’m not too worried (I had been drinking it for about a month by then).  I don’t drink it every day, although most weekdays it’s my breakfast.  I definitely don’t have it on the weekends.  It can get a bit boring after a few days so it has become an every-other-day type of drink during the weekdays.  I should also mention I’ve also been low-carb on the days I enjoy it since high fats don’t usually coincide well with high carbs.
  • Job Hunt – I’m happy to announced that I have finally received a job offer from a company I recently interviewed with.  I also took the county sheriff’s exam this past weekend and passed the written with flying colors.  I smoked the physical exam, much to the surprise of the deputies there.  The academy starts in August but I’m not holding my breath in making it that far.  The department is very small and as a result they have very few seats available at the academy.  I may get in but I’m prepared for not making it.  Either way, I have a tentative job now.  Now to take on the fun that is finding childcare or even possibly starting the hunt again (due to other circumstances I haven’t covered yet).

Well, that’s a little bit of what’s been putting a pep in my step lately.  Hopefully there are more good things to come.  I’ve had a lot of the bad lately so it’s nice to have good new for once!


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