P90X Update: Phase 1 Complete

I completed the first 4 weeks of the P90X program.  This was the first time I’ve actually stuck with the plan this long so I was pretty happy to reach this milestone.  As I mentioned previously, although P90X is the main focus now I am still running three times a week.  That has worked out pretty well.  Running has been really enjoyable now that it’s something I can complete any day and there’s no pressure for speed/distance.

As for P90X, it definitely has been a challenge to stick to!  I love that most of the workouts are around 60 minutes long because I can squeeze it in during Jake’s nap.  I also love that there are variations to most moves to make them easier or harder depending on how you are feeling that day.  What I don’t like is the repetitiveness of it all.  I get bored easily and when you’ve done the same workout 5 times already it takes a lot of mental strength to not blow it off (I’m talking to you, Ab Ripper X!).  However, I know that in the end it will pay off (or at least it’s supposed to) so I just push through it.  It has made me realize that I could never be a workout video exerciser all the time.  Props to other who can follow these kinds of plans year round!

I have felt a change in my endurance and muscle strength.  Initially when I started my push-up capabilities were okay.  One example is that I could do maybe 10 close-arm push-ups the first week (ones where you keep your elbows next to your torso when you come down).  Now I can crank out about 25 before I feel the fatigue set in.  I can also go down from plank to chaturanga without having to bail out and hit the deck midway down.  It may not sound like much of an improvement to others but that’s a pretty big deal to me.

I decided with each end of the phase I would take “progress” photos.  I say “progress” because I don’t really see it yet in the physical transformation and it’s really only been 30 days.  The only real progress I’ve seen is in my increased reps and weights.  I was already fairly lean so I know there may not be too much change.  Plus, I don’t have the proper weights I need so I’ve been using a resistance band and that only does so much for me.  I should also mention that my diet has been very flexible.  Their prescribed diet doesn’t allow cheat days.  To be honest, I don’t diet well unless there is one…plus following a nutrition plan hasn’t faired well with me in the past thanks to my history.  I have manage to steer clear of empty calorie type foods (croissants anyone?) and focus on getting more protein and veggies in me.  I’m a bread lover so cutting down on that has been tough.  I try to choose my carbs a bit more wisely now.


On to Phase 2 now.  Let’s see if any big changes happen there.  I’m hoping to get a new set of adjustable weights this month so maybe the second half of the 90 days will bring along better progress.


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