Moving Forward: Fitness Goals for 2017

Wow, blogging really got away from me since my marathon training completion.  I’ve been hard at work applying for graduate school and a few other positions at various companies.  Add on the holidays and a visit from family and you can imagine how busy I’ve been.  I have a rare quiet moment on the eve of my daughter’s return to school so I thought I’d jot down some quick goals I have for moving into 2017

Since I finished my marathon training plan in October I decided to take a nice, well-deserved break from training.  I dropped the number of days I was running from 6 to 3 and took on some cross-training for those 3 non-running days.  I decided to just keep my weekly mileage anywhere between 15 to 20 miles per week.  I didn’t want anything crazy but I also didn’t want to slack off.  I moved my “longer” run to Saturday and moved rest days to Sunday.  Man-oh-man, that was the best decision I made!  I loved sleeping in on Sundays.  I’ve definitely been soaking all of it in.

I decided to not take on any sort of program until the new year.  I wanted to enjoy the holidays and not worry about exercising.  It allowed me to decompress and give my body a break, something it really needed after a year of non-stop training plans.  Now that the new year is here, I started a new program to keep me fit and moving until I start the marathon plan for Chicago.  For the next three months I decided to challenge myself with P90X rather than the winter running plan I mentioned previously.

Most people are familiar with P90X.  In fact, it’s probably old news to most.  The thing is I have never fully completed the program.  I started it once while on deployment and lost interest after Week 3.  From then on I picked and chose which workouts I wanted to do rather than follow the plan.  I only really went to the workouts whenever I needed to cross-train and wanted a bit of a challenge.  However, this time I am determined to complete all 90 days.  After following and completing an entire marathon training plan I could not find a reason why I couldn’t do the same with P90X.  I’m fairly excited to see how it will change me physically.  I’ve never been much of a weights or HIIT person so this should be interesting.

Along with the training I’ll be cleaning up my diet.  With the holidays I may have indulged in one too many cookies.  I made shortbread cookies from scratch and it was all over diet-wise, lol.  Plus, all those wonderful Starbucks holiday lattes…yeah.  I have definitely indulged quite a bit.  I don’t regret one minute of it but I definitely am feeling sluggish as a result.  My goal is to get back to eating well-balanced meals again and cutting back on my sugar (ahem, chocolate) snacking.

To end this post, I’ll leave you with a bit of transparency and post my Day 0 photos for P90X.  It’s not terrible but it’s not great either.  There’s defintiely some room for improvement =).

I feel so goofy taking these photos…


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