Running Goals

I have the terrible habit of coming up with running goals immediately after I’ve completed the one I set.  Runners aren’t kidding when they say running goals and races are addicting!  Post-marathon I started thinking about where I would go from there.  Obviously Boston is a must but what else?  I have a good 1.5 years before Boston.  Going on a year-long hiatus would drive me crazy.  I started looking around to see if there were any races that required a time qualifier as well.  That’s where I figured out what I wanted to do within the next year.

One of the races I had in mind prior to Boston was the 25th anniversary of the Disney World Marathon.  I didn’t have the best experience with my first WDW Marathon so I kind of wanted to go back for a redemption run.  The 25th race will be January 2018…the same year as the Boston Marathon that I qualify for.  After meeting my Boston qualifying time I knew that Boston was the race I wanted to do in 2018.  I’m going to scrap WDW because, honestly, there will be another milestone anniversary race for Disney.  Boston is BOSTON.  It’s been my goal to run Boston for the last few years so I’m taking the opportunity while I have the chance.  Life can happen and I know that re-qualifying for Boston may not happen again so I want to get it done while I can.  I know some people would say to just run both but 1) I don’t want to train for 2 marathons in one calendar year because marathons are mentally draining for me, and 2) “Race-cations” are expensive.  Also, I am seeking a job at the moment and, fingers crossed, if I do land a position somewhere I know that vacation time will be limited.  If I don’t land one for some reason or other by then, we would have the funds to travel to a race but only one would be reasonable for our family.  Again, weighing the options Boston supersedes Disney.

Now, what about 2017?  My last race for this year is the Avengers Superheroes Half Marathon and then I have an open race calendar until April 2018.  After searching the internet I realized that I qualified for a guaranteed entry into the 2017 Chicago Marathon.  I’ve heard good things about this race and saw that it was run in October.  I decided to go ahead and sign up for that race because I’m comfortable with training through the summer.  I’m pretty excited as I’ve never been to Chicago and look forward to visit it and have legitimate deep dish pizza ;-).  Chicago works out great for me as well as it’s far enough from Boston that I know I’ll have a decent break between training for marathons…something that is so important to me because training does burn me out a bit.

I do have a few more goal races that don’t exactly have specific years I wish to run them in.  London also has a qualifying time entry as well as NYC.  London isn’t going to work out for me due to the fact that it’s run in April as well and right now I qualify for 2018.  I plan to re-qualify again in 2017 (Hopefully in Chicago) so that I can submit an entry for 2019’s London Marathon.  As for NYC, I have to shave off more time in order to qualify.  I believe it’s 2:13 for females 34 and under…a HUGE time drop compared to my Baltimore time.  I’m not super confident I’ll reach qualifying times for guaranteed entry but I want to try and pursue that.  I think with solid training and a flat course I can hopefully do it.  I know, 18 minutes is a lot of time to try and shave off but I’m of the mindset that you never know unless you try!

Well, these are the big races I’m planning for in the future.  Pending any life altering changes, I’m looking forward to seeing these plans come to fruition.


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