Running Goals

I have the terrible habit of coming up with running goals immediately after I’ve completed the one I set.  Runners aren’t kidding when they say running goals and races are addicting!  Post-marathon I started thinking about where I would go from there.  Obviously Boston is a must but what else?  I have a good 1.5 years before Boston.  Going on a year-long hiatus would drive me crazy.  I started looking around to see if there were any races that required a time qualifier as well.  That’s where I figured out what I wanted to do within the next year.

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Race Recap: 2016 Baltimore Running Festival – 15OCT2016


This past Saturday was the last leg of my King Crab Challenge: the Baltimore Marathon.  In the days leading up it hadn’t hit me that I was running a marathon that weekend.  I felt great, relaxed, and not too worried.  I was happy because I had completed my training plan – all of it – without a hitch, something I had yet to do.  I was ready.  I was more than ready. I would own that course.

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Finisher’s High

Short drop in but wanted to just say that all the early mornings, late nights, forcing myself to run, and sticking to the plan have paid off.  I finished just under 4 minutes of a Boston Qualifier time.


I’ll try to write up a recap this week but no promises.  I have a lot on my plate for the next couple of weeks.  Have a great weekend everyone =-)

Social Anxiety and Running Groups

I’ve mentioned it many times before:  I have crippling social anxiety.  I never realized just how crippling it was until recently (in the past 3 years).  Many times I just thought it was normal to obsess over and avoid situations.  However, once those “quirks” started affecting my every day life as an adult, and eventually my children, I knew I needed to work on overcoming some of the quirks.  One of the ways I decided to tackle it head on was to join a running group.

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2 Weeks Until Go Time!

Oh, dear!  It’s 2 more weeks until go time!  Last thursday I got an email from Corrigan Sports letting us know we were 22 days out from marathon day.  It’s quite funny, really.  Last month I was complaining to my husband that I felt like marathon training was never going to end and how I was reaching the end of my ability to tolerate hours long training runs.  Suddenly now I’ve run my last long run for the training cycle!  Distance is going down from this day forward and the marathon will be here in 2 short weeks.  Now it feels like it’s going by quickly.  Crazy how that happens, huh?

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