Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

I think I’ve mentioned it briefly before, but I don’t usually write about personal life on here.  I like to keep some of it off the internet for personal reasons.  However, today is a bit day.  Today 4 years ago I gave birth to my little baby girl.  I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already!  I look back on those years and am so amazed at how much she has grown up.  She went from my little tiny baby to this beautiful young girl rather quickly!

Children amaze me.  I know she (as well as her brother) amaze me every day.  As she prepares for her first year at school, I feel a pang of sadness because I know this means she’s growing up.  She now knows how to spell her name, knows her full name, has a recall memory that’s crazy accurate (which is still hard to digest because not too long ago she wasn’t quite making lasting memories yet), sings all the time, problem solves, and even reads to herself.  She pretend plays all the time, even with her little brother.  It’s such a beautiful thing to witness and I am so thankful I have the opportunity to experience this.

Now, not everything is sunshine and roses with a young girl (gah!  how is she no longer a toddler?!).  Tantrums…oh, boy.  I thought it was supposed to be the terrible twos.  The 2-year-old phase was the easiest by far.  3 years is hard.  We’ve been dealing with the development of an attitude and challenging boundaries.  It’s been a hard road for both of us but we’re learning as we go.  I’ve gotten an amazing lesson in patience as a result.  Nothing hones that skill as well as dealing with a 3-year-old!

I’m excited for the coming years.  We have so many adventures ahead of us!  I know our mommy and me phase won’t last long and that weighs heavily in my heart.  However, I will try to soak in all the “mommy is my best friend” time while I still can.  Hopefully our relationship will remain strong throughout the years, and although I won’t be her best friend in the pre-teen/teenager years, I hope I’ll be a good confidant for her.

Happy birthday, baby girl!  I hope it’s everything you hope for and more!



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