Job Hunt Update

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and talked about how job hunting has been going.  Things have been quite hectic for me since March.  This is all words and there is no running-related talk so feel free to pass on it if you’d like.

April my family and I flew to California for some vacation time.  It was a rough week of non-stop visits with family and some park time in there.  We stayed at the Grand California at the concierge level and it was so worth it.  That was made possible by our DVC points.  They didn’t have villas so we opted for something a bit more grand than the standard hotel rooms.  I definitely recommend it if you have a membership and all they have are hotel rooms left.  Some of the perks included snacks throughout the day with wine and beer available.  We saved a lot on food thanks to their lovely spread from 6 AM to 10 PM.

April was also the month I submitted my package to become an NJROTC instructor.  I was extremely nervous about it given that I’m one of the few exceptions to the 20-year rule.  I’m one of the youngest, by a large margin, who interviewed for the certification.  I got a lot of “are you sure you qualify” questions but was able to put everyone’s mind at ease.  I will admit it makes me a little uneasy being so young and pursuing a senior instructor position.

May was when the NJROTC certification board was held.  During the wait I met with one of the instructors at a school in Montgomery County to check out his unit.  He was retiring and the school was looking to hire his replacement.  I loved his unit and really wanted to take the position but I still didn’t have word about my certification status.  Sadly, the position was filled before I got any updates for my certification.

This month I also had my oral board for the county police department.  It was an interesting situation for me since this was, in essence, my first real job interview.  It was a lot like qualification boards I had in the Navy, though.  I tried my best to answer the lieutenant, corporal, and HR rep’s questions.  I tried to be personal but they were very much all business, no chit-chat (well, except for the HR rep).  It probably was due to the fact that I was their last interview for the whole week.  I’m sure they were beyond ready to go home ;).  Honestly, I thought I did terrible and was worry about my progression in the academy selection process.  I started looking at other departments just in case.

June came quickly.  I decided to apply for another county’s academy and was really drawn to their work schedules and training.  I did amazingly well on their written exam and was good to go for the run, push ups, and sit ups.  Sadly, what ended up knocking me out was the vertical jump of all things.  To say I was devastated was an understatement.  I really wanted a shot at this academy.  It took me almost the whole day but I eventually came around and stopped moping.  I think what got to me was the fact that this was a single shot test.  No re-tests.  Nothing.  It was only offered once so there was no chance of redemption until next year.  It’s safe to say I don’t handle rejection well ;-).  Running the following morning helped greatly, though.

2 great things did happen this month, though.  I finally received notice that I was certified to teach NJROTC.  That was great news as I could finally tell the HR reps that I was definitely qualified for the job through the Navy.  I also had my first school district interview so that I could be placed in their NJROTC qualified applicant pool.  That interview was a complete success.  The HR rep was so impressed with me and wanted me to work for the district right then and there.  She even gave me some information on the 6 month teaching certification program here in Maryland.  I was flattered but I’m not too sure if I want to be a regular teacher yet.  I’ll have to think about that for a bit.

So far things are just so up in the air in regards to finding a job.  I am still in the running for a slot at the police academy in my county as I received an email saying I scored 96% on my interview.  Don’t ask me how that happened because I’m flabbergasted by that.  I also received a request for an interview with a high school in Calvert County which actually has an open NJROTC position.  I’m torn about which direction I want to go because as much as I’d jump on the ROTC job, I’ll be required to make an almost 2 hour commute one way.  I’ve kind of got my heart set on the police academy as well.  However, the department won’t be handing out conditional job offers until late September/early October.  That makes me so nervous because I can easily get knocked out in the next month or so in either the polygraph or the background check.  Gah!  I hate that I have to kind of pursue one or the other and can’t bank on both until the last minute.  Do I take the risk and stay with the police academy process or do I take the safe bet and suffer through a year of 4 hour round trip commutes?  I wish it wasn’t this difficult!

I hope things clear up within the next few weeks.  I have my polygraph next week so I’m sure at least some certainty will be tangible after that.


2 thoughts on “Job Hunt Update

  1. I’m sure you’ll be fine with the polygraph and background check. Remember, Dexter got through those and he was actually a serial killer.


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