Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Week 3: 07MAR2016 – 13MAR2016

Week 3 done!


Monday – Stretch & Strength: P90X Back & Biceps

I took on another one of P90X’s videos to complete my cross-training for today.  I chose to work on my arms and picked the back and biceps workout.  Turns out I needed a pull up bar…I used to have one but now I don’t.  I improvised instead and did different variations of push ups each time the group did pull ups.  It may not have worked my back out like the pull ups but it definitely worked out other important muscles groups!

Tuesday – 3.5 Mile Run: 3.60 Miles Complete (Splits 8:42, 8:28, 8:09, 8:16 – Avg 8:24)


Today was a slight increase in distance for Tuesday’s schedule.  I was able to go run in the morning this day because my husband was home.  He fell ill the day before and still felt out of sorts so he didn’t go into work as planned.  I also had my interview that afternoon so I wanted to get the run out of the way as soon as possible.

I felt extremely sluggish this morning despite having cross-trained the day before.  I couldn’t quite get into my groove so I decided to just focus on negative splitting.  I succeeded but it took a lot of effort to get there.  I find it funny how sometimes the paces I consider “easy” some days can be so hard on other days.

Wednesday – 6 x 400m @ 5K Pace: ~3 Miles Complete


The weather was absolutely gorgeous today so my daughter asked if she could go to the playground.  I agreed it was a good time to go so I loaded both of them up in the Thule double and jogged over to the playground she likes.  Boy, pushing about 60 lbs combined weight in a slightly heavy stroller is tough!  I immediately felt the burn in my hamstrings.  I haven’t run with a stroller since the 5K back in September so I wasn’t exactly shocked that this was tough.  I’m sure it’ll get easier the more I do them (which I plan to this spring when the weather is nice).

I was planning on actually completing my speed workout this evening.  However, midway through my day my husband started asking about kidney stones and the like.  He was feeling terrible so we ended up going to urgent care then the ER.  5 hours later, we left the ER around midnight.  It’s safe to say it was a little late to start my run by the time we got home (ER is about 40 minutes from our home).  We were all exhausted and planning on sleeping in a bit the next day.

Thursday – 3 Mile Run & Strength: Rest Day

I intended to do the previous day’s workout…I really did.  However, my son had his 6 month check up and that included 3 vaccines.  He did okay afterwards but when the evening rolled around he became very clinging and wanted to do nothing but snuggle with me.  I quickly abandoned my workout plans and stayed with him all night since it made him feel better.  He even slept part of the night with me.  Sure, working out would have been great but my motherly obligations come first.  He needed me so I was there for him.  Besides, the baby cuddles were totally worth it.

Friday – Rest Day

I took this rest day as scheduled.  The plan for this week was to take 2 rest days before the race 5K on Sunday so I just shifted the schedule over a day.

Saturday – Rest Day: 5K Race (3.21 Miles Completed) (Splits: 7:29, 7:28, 7:14, 7:17 – Avg 7:24)


Today’s workout called for a 5K race.  Though I knew there were two races going on this weekend, I wasn’t really feeling the racing environment.  Plus, I knew my husband really wanted to sleep in so I decided to just race myself.

As soon as I took off I felt great.  I knew I wasn’t going at my PR pace but I was moving quicker than I normally do.  Since it was early in the morning, I didn’t run into any issues of having to stop to wait for cars to pass.  I felt good running and tried to push as much as I could.  I didn’t feel any pain or issues with this run.  I know I didn’t run at PR pace but to be fair, I wasn’t in race conditions.  When I’m in a race environment, the adrenaline of racing and the caffeine I have beforehand usually play a part in my ability to run as fast as I can.  Without those factors, I know I don’t push as hard as I’m able to.  Race environments make that much of a difference for me.

Sunday – 5K Race: 6 x 400m @ 5K Pace (0.5% Incline) Completed & 10 Minute Ab Workout


Sunday I set out to complete the speed work I missed.  It always doesn’t sit well with me when I don’t finish the workouts laid out for the week so I always try to make them up.  I was not looking forward to this workout.  I was tired, even more so than usual since I lost an hour of sleep.  I was also a bit tight and sore from yesterday’s run.  However, the nagging feeling of needing to get this done motivated me to just head to the gym.

It was the same speed workout as before.  I started off with a 10 minute warm up at 7.3 MPH initially, but then dropped to 7.0 MPH after 2 minutes because my legs were really dragging that morning.  I completely brain-farted when it came to the speed intervals and started off trying to do the incremental speeds.  After the second increment I realized what I was doing and switch the next 4 intervals to following the plan I was supposed to follow.  I ran those at 7:08 pace (8.5 MPH) with 1:30 minute recovery breaks in between at 7.5 MPH (8:00 pace).  I followed up with a 10 minute cool down.  I took some extra time to stretch because my outer glutes and hamstrings were extremely tight afterwards.  Aside from that, the run felt good.  The speed pace is still challenging enough to push me so I didn’t increase it at all.  My plan is to quicken that pace a bit midway through the plan so that my body is challenged just a bit more before race day.

Afterwards I went home and pulled up Fitness Blender and did one of their 10 minute abs workout.  It was enough to challenge my abs in a short time as I didn’t want to spend another 20-30 minutes working my core.

It was a good week.  I couldn’t follow the plan 100% due to the curveballs of life but I got it done one way or another.  That’s the important part =).


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