Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Week 2: 29FEB2016 – 06MAR2016

Late on the recap for this week.  Having a cold and a busy Monday wasn’t conducive to getting this post done.  Any who, here it is!


Week 2 Done!

Monday – Stretch & Strength: P90X Stretch X

I decided to take the stretch portion of this week seriously this time around.  I took on the 50 minute stretch workout from P90X.  I love that it focuses on all sorts of stretches.  I always finish feeling really relaxed after I’m through with this video, something very important as my Mondays tend to be busy and chaotic.

Tuesday – 3 Mile Run: 3.02 mi (Splits 7:44, 7:33, 7:09 – Avg 7:28)


This day was perfect for running.  It was a nice and warm 67 degrees out by the time I headed out the door.  My husband got home early enough that I was able to go out and run before the sun set.  I was so happy to get out the door when there was still daylight out.  It meant I was able to run my favorite 3 mile loop.  The run was even better in that I ran in a tech tee and knickers.  Considering I had run Sunday morning in running tights and a jacket, this was a dream.  I’m sure that helped get me moving for my run.

I started off the run feeling pretty well.  I felt like I had extra kick in me so I decided to challenge myself and push the pace.  I think taking time to stretch out properly the day before helped my muscles feel very revived.  I did, however, feel a bit of tightness in my lower back and left hamstring.  I didn’t think too much about it since I did push myself a bit more than usual during this run.  It turns out I did end up aggravating my lower back and left IT band.  I woke up for one of Jake’s feedings barely able to walk on that leg because my band and back were so tight.  I knew the culprit was the test shoes I wore for the run.  They’re great shoes but since they’re not the same style as my go-to shoes, my body doesn’t agree with them on longer runs or runs where I push myself.  I’m going to have to cut back on using them for training since this isn’t the first time they’ve given me issues.

Wednesday – 30 Minute Tempo Run

Today called for a tempo run.  I had a pretty long day.  Jake didn’t sleep well which meant I didn’t sleep well.  Although both of my children did well in the morning, once the afternoon hit everything went downhill.  I was wiped out once 2030 rolled around.  Still, I got dressed, took a deep breath, and headed to the gym.

I’ve never done a real tempo run.  I decided to follow Higdon’s recommendation for tempo run structure.  I did a 10 minute warm up, 15 minutes of working to and running at tempo, then 10 minutes of cooling down.  I originally planned for a 5 minute cool down but the machine automatically rolls into a cool down when the timer runs out and I decided to roll with it.

The warm up was run at roughly an 8:15 minute/mile pace.  From there I increased speed so that my pace would dropped about 15 seconds with each increase.  At about 2/3 of the way into the tempo build period, I ran at tempo for 2 minutes.  From there I slowed down 15 seconds at a time until I reached the cool down period.  I ran cool down at about an 8 minute/mile pace for the first 5 minutes, then at the 8:15 for the last 5.

Overall, the workout felt great.  It felt both challenging and manageable in that I felt the burn while I ran, but I didn’t feel it so badly that I felt like I needed to grip the bar at any point.  I followed up with a good stretching session since my left leg was still fairly tight.  The soreness and pain I felt earlier in the morning had long since resolved itself, thankfully.  I’m sure that would have made for a difficult tempo had the pain remained.  I also decided to return to running with my NB Zeroes.  Wear testing is fun but it’s not worth messing with my form to complete it.

Thursday – 3 Mile Run & Strength: 3.15 Miles Completed & Fitness Blender’s Brutal Butt & Thigh Workout

Splits: 8:16, 8:28, 8:10

I woke up fairly ill this morning.  My throat was incredible sore and I felt very stuffed up.  My children had been running a cold so it’s no surprise I finally caught it.  Thankfully today was an easy day so I didn’t need to worry about pushing hard.

When I headed out the door it was snowing =-/.  Don’t get me wrong, I love running in the snow.  However, when I feel totally cruddy running in the snow doesn’t sound enticing.  Still, it sounded better than another treadmill run so I went out and got it done.  I was slightly overdressed but I’m really not a fan of having have my face pummeled with cold, wet snow.  Nothing fancy about this run other than it was a wet one.

I headed over to the gym to complete my strength portion.  I decided to work the lower body this time around and chose a mid length video.  I upped the challenge by using my max weights.  I definitely felt the challenge as my last 2-3 reps were tough and I would shake slightly.  Ah, the signs of a good workout!

Friday – Rest Day

I love rest day =-).  Fridays are another busy day for me.  I was so glad for it, especially with this raging cold.  My hamstrings and inner thighs felt fairly sore from the deadlifts the day before.  It was a good thing I didn’t have to run this day.

Saturday – 3 Mile Run: 3.04 Miles Completed (Splits 8:06, 8:00, 7:49)

Today called for race pace miles.  That so did not happen.  I felt even more congested this morning than I had the past 2 days.  Ugh.  I tried to push as hard as I could but I couldn’t quite catch my breath as well as I normally could.  I was happy to be able to pull of negative splits, though.  I guess Tuesday’s run was more of my race pace run than this one ;-).

On the positive side, I got to run my favorite 3 mile loop and watch the sun rise.  Beautiful mornings always make up for bad runs.

Sunday – 6 Mile Run: 6.03 Miles Completed (Average Pace 9:10)


Not my average pace 😋

I woke up with DOMS like you wouldn’t believe.  My inner thighs and hamstrings burned like crazy.  I know that soreness can occur long after working out but jeez.  The lower body weight training coupled with the attempts to run fast the day before meant my legs were pretty trashed for today.  It took about 3 miles before my legs warmed up to the run and I was able to push for a faster pace.

My congestion wasn’t as bad this morning so it felt a lot easier to run (muscle soreness aside).  I wasn’t able to get under 9 minutes but I was able to keep a fairly consistent pace the last 3 miles.  All my splits danced around 9:10 so I was happy with that.  I also felt great once I was done.  This is great considering the last time I ran anything over 5 miles was back in October for the Wicked 10K.  I chose to run on the main road to get a bit of a challenge in with the rolling hills.  I’m happy to report that though they were challenging, I was able to easy push up them.  I always feel superhuman when I can maintain pace up a hill =-).

Week 2 went well.  This week is a slight cutback week.  Timing all the training has been a challenge this time around with 2 little ones but I’m getting it done regardless.  There are many days where sleep is lacking but I’m hoping the sacrifice will allow me to achieve my goals for this year.


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