ADIML: The Infant and Preschooler Edition

The last time I did one of these I was still pregnant with Jake.  I wanted to do one when he was a newborn but there really wasn’t much time or structure to my day because, well, I had a newborn.  Now that my little man is almost 6 months old (in a week!), I think it’s safe to safe I have somewhat of a schedule down.

0000 – Jake stirs.  Normally he’s up around 0200 so I can tell this is going to be one of those nights with less sleep than usual.  He usually only wakes for 1 feeding a night now but sometimes there’ll be 2 night wakings.  Ironically, it’ll be the days I want to get up at 0445 for my workout.  He nurses for about 10 minutes then back to the crib he goes.

0130 – Izzy has a nuclear meltdown over her room light being off despite the fact that her night light won’t shine on the ceiling if it’s on.  I try to reason with her but there’s no reasoning with a 3-year-old (what was I thinking?).  I sigh, tell her again that we don’t sleep with room lights on, and close her door once she stops sobbing.  As I climb into bed she starts wailing hysterically at the top of her lungs because of the light issue.  Lovely considering her brother sleep next door.  I hear Jake start to stir…My husband jumps in to take care of her because I’m slightly irritated with her over this (yay for being tired!).  She falls asleep shortly after he talks to her.

0445 – Yeah, not working out this morning.  I stare at my alarm with hate and say “eff it.”  On top of being way more tired than anticipated, my IT band, hamstring, and sciatic nerve on my left side hurt like something else.  I was expecting to feel it because after my run the night before I felt like I strained something when I cooled down.  Darn wear test shoes.  I reset my alarm for 0630 and go back to sleep.

0604 – Jake’s up again.  I go in and change his diaper and nurse him.  He falls back asleep so I put him back in his crib.  By this time it’s around 0615 so I decide to just get up for the day and get ready.  I’m planning on taking my children to this special library in Baltimore County and want to get there before it gets busy.  That means getting ready early and leaving early since it opens at 0900.

0712 – Oddly enough, Izzy is still asleep.  I sneak downstairs and eat my breakfast in the calm before the storm.

0730 – I wake Izzy up and get her ready.  She fights me initially but quickly changes her tune when I tell her we’re going to this awesome library.

0750 – I get Jake up to dress him, as much as it pains me to do so.  I love that he sleeps late in the morning but we really need to get moving.

0810 – I load up the children in the car and pull out.  Looks like we’ll make it in good time!

0850 – So, my GPS said that it would only take 30 minutes to get to the library.  Considering I was taking off during morning rush hour, I knew better.  I was right.  I hit stop-and-go traffic halfway to my destination.  Still, I got to the library with time to spare.


0900 – We walk into the library.  The lady at the front desk tells us about the place since it’s our first time and we sign into their system.  We make a quick bathroom stop for Jake then head in.  This place is pretty awesome.  It’s called Storyville and it’s essentially the interactive portion of the library.  There are so many little role-playing areas and even a Baby Garden.  It was pretty cool and I was so glad I decided to try it out.  Jake loved the baby area and Izzy couldn’t get enough of the play house, grocery store, and tree house.

0920 – The fire alarm goes off!  Apparently the library chose today to do a drill…and of course it’s 30-something degrees out with a windchill of 20.  Lovely.  After about 10 minutes we finally are allowed back in.

1100 – I start ushering Izzy to the front door.  We make a pit stop at the bathroom again to change Jake and then make our way to the car.  Izzy has a meltdown when I ask her if she’d like to eat at a restaurant.  She wants to eat at home.  Okay.  We head home.

1145 – We get home.  I get the children instead and prep their lunches.  Izzy munches on a grilled cheese while I feed Jake some solids (he just started eating them about a week ago).  I end up nuking a vegan burrito from Sweet Earth for myself.  My husband pointed them out to me at Target the other day and I decided to try them out.  They’re pretty good for being one of those frozen food items.

1215 – Start making dinner.  It’s a beef stew for my husband so it takes some time to get it reduced down and the meat to the right tenderness.

1300 – Sit down with Izzy and put a puzzle together with her.  Jake’s busy playing on his Step ‘n Play Piano.

1347 – Head upstairs to put Izzy down for a nap.  Jake gets changed, nurses, and goes down for his nap as well.

1454 – Jake is up and not happy.  I guess there’s no 2 hour nap in his cards today.  He nurses again and we hang out downstairs.  I play with him in his gym for a bit.

1500 – Izzy comes downstairs.  It’s earlier than she’s normally down but oh, well.  No real alone time for mommy today.

1530 – Start cooking the rice for dinner.  Izzy and Jake are playing together and I join them once the rice is going.

1632 – Diaper change and nurse.  Back down to put together another puzzle.

1717 – Finally get a phone call from my husband.  Normally he calls around 4:30 so I was a bit concerned that he might have to stay late at work.  He got caught up talking to his boss.  He lets me know he’s on his way home.

1745 – My husband gets home.  He takes on Izzy and Jake for a bit.  We get our dinners together and sit down to eat.  My husband feeds Jake when he’s done with his meal.  I pack up the leftovers in case my husband wants to take it to work the next day.

1830 – Izzy finally finishes eating.  She’s been dragging out her meals like crazy lately.  Unless it’s restaurant food, she won’t eat meals.  She prefers snacking.  I’ve put my foot down with her recently and cut the snacking out.  She’s not too pleased but she’s started eating her meals like she should.

1850 – Jake nurses for a bit and falls asleep.  I lay with him on the couch and read a book for a bit.  Manuel reads and entertains Izzy.

1930 – Jake wakes up and freaks out.  He’s obviously exhausted.  We head upstairs and get him and Izzy ready for bed.  Jake falls asleep almost instantly after getting through his night routine.

2000 – I’m actually able to get dressed for the gym on time!  It’s my goal to get the children down by 8 but it doesn’t happen often.


2020 – I make it to our community gym and start my tempo workout.  I zone out to music and just enjoy the run.

2100 – I get back home, shower, and get ready for bed.

2200 – Technically it’s lights out for us but I can’t sleep.  I read a bit more of my book and call it a night an hour later.

This is a pretty typical day for us.  The only thing that changes from day to day is that I’m usually doing a different activity with Izzy in the morning (MyGym, mall playground) or staying home and doing chores.  Weekends I complete my workout in the morning because I can get up around 0530 or 0600 to do them as opposed to 0445.

Jake has settled into 2 major naps during the day.  His usual wake up is either 0700 or 0800 and he naps at 1000 and 1400.  He’s usually down for bedtime around 2000 and usually wakes up at 0200 and 0600 to nurse.  This predictable schedule makes my life so much easier lately.  I can actually plan things out throughout the day for the most part.  Of course, there are off days when he’s pretty cranky and only wants to be held.  I usually can most things for that day and let him get his cuddles in.

Izzy’s been doing pretty well with the new normal.  It’s hard on her that I can’t always put everything down and hang out with her like I used to since sometimes Jake needs me.  However, I try my best to make sure she knows she still has my attention and love since I know at her age it can seem like it isn’t there anymore with a new sibling.

Life definitely is different nowadays =-)



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