Busy Week

I’m going to try something different with my blog since it’s supposed to be about my life, not just running.  Focusing on just the running is nice and all but can get so monotonous.  I don’t usually write about life here so I figured I’d start including a bit more about it so that people can get a sense of who I am.  I’m pretty sure the only thing people get right now is that I’m a runner, I have 2 young children, and I have issues (oh, the issues, lol).

We had a lot scheduled for this past week.  We don’t usually do much during the weekdays because getting around with both children can be a hassle.  Toddlers aren’t exactly the best listeners, especially when they’re being three-nagers.  Monday I didn’t have anything planned other than getting all the laundry done.  My daughter had a different idea.  She wanted to go play at the mall.  I was a bit reluctant to do so because it meant laundry would get backed up, plus I’d have to get around with all the children…and come back home to prepare dinner straight away.  Not a pleasant thought.  However, she looked at me with pleading eyes and I gave in.  What’s one day of letting things go for a bit?  It turned out to be a great idea.  We were able to get much needed time out of the house and Izzy got to burn some energy.  We did have a good time and I felt surprisingly relaxed afterwards.  Turns out the outing was just what I needed =)

Tuesday I ended up going to a place called Artsy Partsy with our neighbor.  She has twins that are a year younger than Izzy so the girls get along quite well.  I was a bit skeptical about the place because it was in this run-down mall in our city.  I’m sure it was an awesome mall back in its hey day but it definitely looks like it’s seen better days now.  I figured it was worth a shot to go, though, since it was only $5 for the toddler art session.  It turns out it was pretty nice.  The art teachers led the 6 toddlers through some activities with different art mediums (crayons, paint, markers, pipe cleaners, etc).  At the end, they got to share what they made and take it home.  It was nice and Izzy got to make a mess that I didn’t have to clean up (win!).  They have another session this upcoming Tuesday and I may take her again so I can more conversations with someone other than a 3-year-old.

Wednesday we just relaxed at home while I cleaned up a bit.  Chores have sort of fallen to the wayside since I’m still balancing timing with naps, feedings, and play time.  Things don’t get to messy in the house but it drives me insane that I can’t do my M-W-F scheduled cleanings like I used to.  We did run out to Target for a bit to find Jake some pants.  Big boy is now in 6-9 month clothes at 5 months old!  His bottoms selection was quite sparse as I wasn’t expecting him to wear that size so soon.  It was slim pickings but I found something.  I also stopped at the Starbucks in there to try their new molten lava latte.  It was okay but too sweet for my taste.  I’ll stick to my cafe lattes and mistos.

Thursday we had Izzy’s observation and interview for pre-kindergarten.  We decided to choose private school for her education because the public schools in our area aren’t great.  Plus, after seeing how the public school system is heading nationwide, I don’t have much faith in that education system.  Izzy was beyond excited to go to school.  She spent the morning in the preschool class while we chatted with admissions.  I was imagining the scene from Modern Family when they said we’d be interviewed, but thankfully it wasn’t anything like that.  We’ll be hearing back within the next few weeks whether she’s been accepted or not.

Friday was a busy day!  We had My Gym class and then a Valentine’s Day party.  We got to the gym early so we dropped in at Cupcake Ave to pick up cupcakes.  Gym went well as Izzy actually listened in class (she had a rough week last week).  The Valentine’s Day party, however, was crazy.  There were so many children.  I should have learned that I shouldn’t sign up for the parties here from our experience at the Christmas party they had in December but obviously I didn’t.  This time was way more stressful as daddy wasn’t there to help with Izzy.  We made it through okay but, man, I was completely beat.

We went out to dinner that night at a hibachi restaurant where Jake promptly had a meltdown 10 minutes into dinner.  I literally had about 2 bites of food before I had to leave and go to the car in an effort to calm him down.  He was completely inconsolable.  I’d blame teething but the little stinker was all smiley and giggles when we got home.  He was a complete angel the rest of the night.  You’ve got to love babies =P

The weekend was pretty relaxing.  We did our weekly ritual of having a good breakfast at a restaurant, something I look forward to as it’s one of the few times I get to eat a hot meal.  We did peruse a mall and Barnes & Nobles for a bit but didn’t really buy anything.  Sometimes it’s just nice to go out all together as a family.

This upcoming week will probably be just as busy.  I have my official Navy photo on Monday while Izzy is at camp.  It’ll be interesting to be in my khakis again.  I also have my physical where I’ll hopefully get a referral for sports med so I can get my knee checked out.  It hasn’t been the same since I took that spill last month.  Hopefully it’s not serious and something physical therapy can take care of.  I’m not too happy to be starting off training with a knee issue but life happens.  Oh, well.


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