Spring Training

That time of the year is back again.  It’s time to start training for my spring and fall races!

My approach to training hasn’t changed a bit.  Hal Higdon has worked well for me so I decided to go back to his training plans for this year.  I’ll be starting the Intermediate training program a few days after my birthday.  I’m very pleased to know that I’m able to start at the intermediate level rather than Novice 2.  My work postpartum adequately prepared me for this demand.  I’m also happy to announce that my son is finally on a predictably sleep/wake schedule.  Couple that with the fact that he’ll be starting solids soon and you can see how this plan may just work for me.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to complete it as written.

This training will take me up to the Frederick Running Festival in May.  From there I’ll be jumping into marathon training for the Baltimore marathon in October.  I’m really hoping to sub-3:40 this time around (my best is around 3:47).  I know my chances of achieving that are a lot greater this time around as I have more than 2 months to train this time.  I’ll be heading back west shortly afterwards to complete the Avengers Half Marathon at Disneyland since I deferred this past year.  For that race, I’m hoping to achieve a sub-1:45.

Lately I’ve just been alternating running and cross-training.  I’ve started using Fitness Blender workout videos to get some good toning/strength training complete.  Their videos are so convenient because the library is large and they have workouts that last anywhere from 8 to 90 minutes.  I’ve really enjoyed doing them and they’re a welcomed change from my usual P90X videos.  With running I’ve just been doing one 5K, one speed or hill training run, and one 5-miler a week.  Nothing to trying but enough to keep me in shape. I’ll have enough challenging days once I start my training plan.

Lastly, I was asked to wear test another pair of shoes.  I’m really excited that I got selected again because it means they found my feedback valuable.  I’m really enjoying being a wear tester because it’s allowing me to test out several different products without spending the money.  So far I know what kinds of running gear don’t work for me thanks to my time doing it.  It’s really worth signing up for if you enjoy reviewing products (which I love to do).

That’s pretty much all for now.  I’m hoping to catch up more on what’s been going on with life so I’ll probably post more in a few days…if the little man gives me some downtime 😉


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