Possibly Back From a Hiatus?

So, I only meant to take time off from the blog until after the holidays.  It slowly crept on to over a month now.  Truth be told, I’ve been busy and not all runs are important enough to blog about.  I’ve been taking care of a lot these past few weeks and blogging just fell by the wayside.

December was a good month.  I stuck to my every-other-day schedule of running and cross training.  I made sure to remain consistent and get 6 work outs a week.  I also ran the last race in the Fort Meade Series, the Reindeer Run 5K.  I ran that race last year and PR’d.  Not much was different for this year’s race as it was the same course.  It was also just as cold.  I did manage to run the same exact time as last time, maybe a second or 2 faster, which I found funny.  I didn’t quite put my all into this run as I wasn’t feeling up to it (it was the Saturday after we had returned from Disney).  I was running in old shoes I hate so I wasn’t expecting a great performance this day.  I ran fast but not as fast as I could, if that makes sense.  I didn’t really pick up the pace until the last stretch of road which was about 1/2 a mile long.  I subconsciously was hoping for another PR so I was a bit sad to see I didn’t break the 22 minute mark.  However, I tried to look at the fact that I had a 3.5 month old and I managed to run in the same amount of time as last year when I wasn’t pregnant and probably in one of my top running shapes.  I did manage to take the AG win again, though that’s probably because the girl that normally beats me wasn’t there.

I did finally get shoes. My father bought me new running shoes for Christmas.
Everything in those following weeks are a blur, really.  I can say that I did play with the idea of picking up my running streak once again.  However, when the time came I realized I really didn’t feel up to pursuing it again.  I feel as though I’m gaining speed now and that it’s thanks to the cross training I have been doing, not all the mileage I’ve been putting in.  I’m comfortable with my current workout schedule and will probably stick to it for a while.

As for how my workouts are going, well, they’re going!  I tried to maintain the every-other-day switch off but lately I’ve had so much going on in terms of the children and job hunting.  I’ve done a lot more cross training rather than running.  However, I have managed to complete at least one longish run a week.  The reason I’ve been indulging in my lack of running is that I have to start training for the spring/fall season in February.  That means more time dedicated to running instead of sleeping or just bumming out with my family.  I want to soak in all the sleep and family time I can at the moment.  Plus, my son has been going through his sleep regression and has suddenly developed separation anxiety.  I’m usually attached to him 24/7.  I’m enjoying all the cuddle time though it really leaves me with no time to do anything except in the wee hours of the morning.  Needless to say, that means I depend on my video workouts more than my runs.  I’m hoping that next month will be a little easier as I’ll probably start introducing him to solids then.  At least this way his dad can feed him if he gets hungry while I’m gone (this whole nursing on demand deal this time is a lot more intense than I thought it would be).


Also avoiding running because of this. Slogging in this deep of snow for the gym blows.
So, what do I have planned for the spring and fall?  I have the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler lined up for April (I made it into the race on my first try!), the Frederick Running Festival Nut Job Challenge in May, the Baltimore 10-Miler in June, the Baltimore Running Festival Marathon in October, and the Avenger’s Half Marathon in November.  Not as busy as I have been in the past but enough to tide me over for the year.  I’m excited to run more races closer to home.  Traveling and racing can get expensive.  I may be dropping any future runDisney races since spending that kind of dough on a race that has become quite mediocre is getting harder to justify.  There are so many other great races I’d like to try that cost just as much or even less than those races.  I have my sights set on NYC, London, Paris, and even one in Puerto Rico.  I also want to do the 5 Adventure Marathons at some point.  I could very well participate in those with the same amount of money it takes to do a few Disney races.  I know I’ll probably do a few in Disney in the future but right now they’re really not on my radar for future races.

Well, I think that’s all that’s really gone on in the last few weeks (at least running-wise).  Not sure if I’ll start up the weekly recaps quite yet again.  I may do them once I start my training plans.  If I have some time later this week or next week, I may fill in the holes on things outside of running (i.e. job hunting, children, my PPD and overall MH in general).  No promises, though!