Weekly Workout Summary: 16NOV2015 – 22NOV2015

This week definitely did not go according to plan.

Monday – Rest Day

I took another rest day on Monday.  Long story short, I had a bad moment with my postpartum depression the night before and the feelings lingered for days (as depression often does).  Monday was particularly hard so I had no motivation to do anything.  Working out was far from my mind.  I let it go and just took the day off.

Tuesday – 3 Miles (treadmill); Splits: 7:43, 7:32, 7:21 (0.50 mi), 7:13 (0.25), 7:03 (0.25); Incline: 1%

Nothing special to talk about with this run.  I’ve been running on the treadmill a bit more lately because I’m trying to increase my distance in preparation for marathon training.  With the time change and the way my day flows, I can’t get out the door before 6 PM so it’s really dark out.  I can only run the same loops so much before it drives me crazy.  Unfortunately, the main road I usually run is not lit and does not have a sidewalk.  I also want to be in close proximity in case my baby needs me.  The treadmill is the best solution.  I’m not a fan but it’s gone well enough so far.

Pacing felt good on this run.  I tried to do a small progression run which is what I usually do when I run on the machine.  It helps me get over the hamster wheel effect a bit.  New shoes felt much more comfortable on the machine.  I’m starting to think they may be more useful for treadmill running than outdoor running.

Wednesday – Abs and Glutes

I pulled up 2 videos on the internet to work my core out (God bless the internet!).  The really didn’t seem all that challenging, to be honest.  A lot of core exercises feel like that to me.  I was dead wrong.  My obliques were screaming the next day.  I couldn’t quite pinpoint that it was soreness, though, because it just felt like a big burn on my sides.  I need to stop underestimating simple looking workouts.

Thursday – Speed Work (Fartlek – 3.5o Miles)
Warm up (MPH): 7.5 (0.50 mi)

Intervals (MPH): 7.8, 7.5, 8.0, 7.8, 8.3, 7.5, 8.5, 7.8, 8.8, 7.5, 9.0, 9.3/9.5 (0.25 mi)
Cool Down: 2 min @ 4.0 MPH
Incline: 0.5%

I completed the usual speed training on the treadmill with no changes in interval lengths quite yet.  I decided to change up my recovery pace a little bit.  I alternated between 7.5 and 7.8 MPH every other recovery interval.  The run felt challenging so those small changes worked out well.

I didn’t experience any pains during the run.  My hamstrings did feel a bit tight but I’ve figured out it’s the new shoes.  Adjusting to stability shoes after running minimalist for so long doesn’t feel great.  I’ll definitely be getting those new minimalist shoes ASAP.

Friday – Arm Day

Oh, arm day!  This is my favorite weight workout.  I decided to work with the weight machine today.  I started off with both wide arm grip (does that make sense?) and close arm grip pull ups.  I was pretty surprised how easy the wide arm ones felt.  I’ve been using the close arm grips every time I’ve done pull ups the last few months because I thought the wide ones were going to be hard.  I guess I was wrong…

I work the typical muscles groups: triceps, biceps, forearms, and even got a little bit of lats in there.  It wasn’t too long since my son’s been pretty unpredictable with his night routine but it was enough to exhaust muscles.  That’s all I ask for.

Saturday – Rest Day

Husband had drill in DC.  He left at 5 AM and didn’t get home until close to 8 PM.  It’s safe to say I was pretty tired by the time he got home.  2 small ones can be a lot more tiring than I thought.  Add in that I got this sudden need to clean everything in the house and you can say I was beat.  I nixed the workout for the day…

Sunday – Rest Day

Another day in DC for my husband.  Another full day with the children on my own.  I just wasn’t feeling it so I took another day off.

I definitely took more rest days than I intended.  I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that I prefer to workout in the morning to get it done and over with.  I have a lot more energy to get it done in the AM than the PM.  My motivation tends to wane as the day wears on (unless a latte is involved, lol).  I’m trying out something new this week to see how it works out.  My son gets up like clockwork at 2 AM every night and then sleep for 3 straight hours.  I’m going to be completing my workouts in that window.  Yes, you read it correctly.  I’ll be working out at 3 AM.  It’ll be interesting but not anything I’m not familiar with.  I used to do it on the ship all the time.  Then again, I didn’t have children then (although Sailors can come pretty close to that, lol) so this may be more challenging than I think.  However, it’s all about how badly I want to get it done and I know I want to get it done.  I’m sure it’ll work out until my son starts sleeping through the night.


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