Weekly Workout Summary: 02NOV2015 – 15NOV2015

I’m running behind on my weekly recap.  As a mentioned earlier, I got a bad cold and am still recovering from it.  I finally found some time to work on this.  The past two weeks weren’t anything crazy or special.  Still working on my speed but not much else.  I’m starting to look into training plans for marathons since I’ll probably have to start something in December with Shamrock coming up.  Since a training plan is looming in the future, I’ve decided I’m going to enjoy easy, short runs before I have to take on long ones.

Monday – 2.05 Miles; Splits: 7:54, 7:28, 8:03

Daylight Savings Time doesn’t usually bother me but I forgot how much it can mess up my plans for outdoor runs.  Today I realized just how dark it is at 6 PM.  I grabbed my Illumiseen belt before heading out because I was running on the road leading to the docks.  It’s fairly dark there and I wanted to be sure I could be seen by cars.

Nothing crazy special about this run.  I felt pretty good while running and didn’t have any residual soreness from the 10K on Saturday.  I did sadly realize that my shoes were no longer in running shape, though.  I destroyed my other pair at the 10K and was really sad to see that this pair was done for as well.  I’m on the lookout for a new pair since the Hi-Rez has since been discontinued for women.  I’m not too thrilled about changing up my shoes.

Tuesday – Core Workout

I been trying to work hard on shaping up my core lately.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I tend to neglect my core when I work out.  I tried a few circuits I knew and some planks.  It didn’t feel like much but the next day my upper abs and obliques hurt pretty badly.  I took that to mean I did the workout correctly.  I need to target my lower abs more, though, since I didn’t feel anything there.

Wednesday – 3.12 Miles; Avg Pace: 7:41

Fartlek day today.  I did my usual progression with each speed interval.  The way the progression differed this time around, though, is that I started my speed intervals at a faster pace and my recovery pace was a tad faster.  I felt that I needed to increase intensity this week.  My usual speed intervals were starting to feel comfortable so it was time to kick it up.  This increase worked.  I was comfortably uncomfortable the entire time:

Incline: 1%
Warm Up (0.5 mi): 7.0, 7.3 MPH
Speed Intervals (0.50 mi per intervals): 8.0, 8.2, 8.4, 8.6, 8.8, 9.0 MPH; Last 0.12 @ 9.5 MPH
Recovering Intervals (0.50 mi per interval): 7.5 MPH

Thursday – Arm Day

I worked with free weights today for my arm workout.  I was able to get all my sets in and get home before my son wanted to nurse.  Lately that feels like a huge win for me.  I worked most of my sets with 15 lb dumbbells.  I know that’s not a lot but I haven’t worked with free weights in a while so I didn’t want to be too overzealous.  It made for a good workout but I may need to up the weight a little next time because it wasn’t as challenging as I wanted.

Friday – Rest Day

I woke up this morning feeling like utter hell.  My throat was extremely sore and tight.  I could tell it was probably the beginning of a cold or the flu.  By the time my usual workout time rolled around, I was feeling dead tired.  I decided to call it and take the rest day.

Saturday – 4.03 Miles; Splits: 9:01, 9:02, 8:50, 9:02, 6:37 (0.03 mi)

I did my “long run” today although I wasn’t feeling 100%.  My throat still felt pretty tight and sore which made breathing a little difficult.  I didn’t feel like I was able to get enough oxygen like I normally do and I think that was reflected in my paces.  I was pretty pleased with my even splits and glad that even though my throat wasn’t agreeing with me my body was still well enough to cover the distance.

Sunday – Leg Day

Today was all about squats, curls, extensions, and presses.  Squats always kick my butt and today was no exception.  I woke up the next morning extremely sore and really hating the fact that I lived in a 3-story townhome.  That ache didn’t resolve itself until 2 days later, either.  You’ve got to love a good workout!

Monday – 2.24 Miles; Splits: 8:30, 8:20, 8:05

My sore throat finally cleared up so running was a bit easier.  I now had a hacking cough, though, since my sinus were now draining and my body was trying to get rid of it all.  It was also a very wet and rainy run.  I didn’t want to run on the machine so I braved the rain.  It was my first rain run in a long time and it felt pretty good.  I didn’t enjoy the droplets hitting my eyes but I did enjoy how refreshing the water felt on my face.

Tuesday – Core Workout

I chose to do the Ab Ripper X workout and some stretching today.  I suddenly felt a lot worse when I woke up this morning.  I thought maybe my cold had peaked during the weekend but I was wrong.  I was feeling much worse and now had a bad cough.  I was glad today was an “easier” workout (i.e. no running).  I don’t think I could have mustered the energy to run.  On the plus side, a few of the sets in the video have gotten easier so I was able to try the harder modifications.

Wednesday – 3.17 Miles; Avg: 7:53; Paces: 8:00, 8:00, 7:42

I completed a treadmill run this time around without the usual speed work.  I still felt pretty cruddy but well enough to run.  I decided to just run on the treadmill and cover the distance I wanted to cover.  Breathing still felt kind of rough with the cough but I was able to get through the run.

Thursday – Arm Day

I headed to the gym as I usually do to use the weight machines.  I was able to get through 3 different exercises when I got a text that the baby was hungry.  I ran back home and took care of him.  He was being a bit more fussy than usual that evening so I wasn’t able to head back over to the gym.  Instead I did a few push ups (with different variations) and dips to work my arms a bit more.  Sometimes you just have to get what you can done with an infant.

Friday – 3.06 Miles; Splits: 7:53, 7:42, 7:36, 8:14 (0.06)

I managed a negative split run today!  I was feeling a lot better.  Still had the lingering cough but I was able to hit faster paces without feeling like I couldn’t breathe.  I also was testing out some new shoes on this run.  I signed up to be a wear tester for a big name brand and happened to receive a pair to test a few days after my shoes bit the dust.  I’m not a huge fan of them but considering I don’t exactly have other shoes at the moment I’m not complaining too much.  It is making me realize that the shoes search is going to suck.  I’m going to see if I fit in the men’s Hi-Rez model before I start looking around for other options, though.

Saturday – Rest Day

My husband had to work today so it was pretty much like a weekday for me.  By the time he came home I was pretty burned out and decided to take the rest day today instead of on Sunday like I planned.

Sunday – 4.03 Miles; Splits: 8:28, 8:20, 8:15, 8:03, 7:15 (0.03 mi)

I was out and about early for this run.  It was a nice and chilly 36 degrees out so I got to bust out my running tights and beanie.  I forgot to wear gloves so my hands felt awesome during the run…I won’t forget them next time.  It was nice to catch the sunrise  this morning since it’s been a while since I’ve gotten outdoors in the morning.  I was aiming for an easy pace since I was dealing with the cough still and I think it went well.  Still not loving these shoes but unfortunately it’ll be a while before I get another pair.  It’s not exactly a top priority so I’ll have to work with these shoes and my old Minimus shoes.


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