10K Training Plan Summary: Week 6 26OCT2015 – 01NOV2015

I finished the last week of my 10K training.  If you remember, I only had 6 weeks to train so I wasn’t able to complete the entire training plan.  It was an easy last week and it ended on a high note =).

Monday – 2.25 Miles; Splits: 7:24, 7:25, 7:25 (0.25 mi)

Following a rest day, I was just itching to get out and run.  I had spent the entire day running errands and getting laundry done that I just needed to get out and loosen up.  The weather was wonderful!  I was quite chilly but I loved the way it felt on my skin as I ran.  I decided to take my new favorite running loop.  Now that the docks have been completed I run a portion of my route on it.  Being out there makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the water which is unreal.

I felt great throughout the run.  I had a lot of energy and pushing the pace felt relatively easy.  I was surprised to see the pace hover around 7:30 so consistently.  I have trouble being consistent so this was nice to see.  I was even happier with the pace.  I think the 5K that previous Saturday showed me that I was okay to push for that 7:XX pace.  I wasn’t afraid to push for it this time around.

Love these docks!

Tuesday – 3.02 Miles; Splits: 8:10, 7:41, 7:14, 6:41 (0.02)

I woke up this morning just itching for a run.  7 weeks away from streaking has really made me miss running every day.  I haven’t felt very fulfilled without my daily run.  I decided to go out and run again.  This turned into a progressive run without me really trying.  I didn’t expect to hit faster paces since I ran relatively quickly the day before.  I was wrong.  The longer I ran the faster I wanted to run.  It just felt great to make my muscles burn from effort.  I think the change in scenery helped.  I ran my old 5K loop that evening.

The only real issue I had was my right calf.  It felt a little sore and tight initially.  I think it was a result of me striking and pushing off with my forefoot.  I usually strike more mid-foot or with my heel if I’m tired.  I wanted to work different muscles in my legs and that really worked.  I think it also helped with my pace.  I did the same during this run and felt as though running faster was easier.  It’s too soon to tell, though.

Wednesday – 1.08 Miles (8:19) & Strength

Since I ran “hard” the two days prior, I decided to take it easier today.  I ran an easy paced mile on the treadmill then went over to the weights to work on my arms.  I did my usual tricep/bicep isolations, rowing, and jumped onto the pull up apparatus.  By the time I was done my arms felt pretty dead.  It was probably the hardest workout I’ve put my arms through.  I tend to neglect that part of my body so I guess I was trying to make up for it.  Definitely felt the soreness that evening.  I could barely lift my son out of his bassinet for one of his late night feedings.

Thursday – 2.10 Miles; Splits: 9:03, 8:50, 9:14 (0.10 mi)

My calves were still feeling a bit tight so I decided to run at an easy pace today.  I didn’t want to risk anything so close to the 10K because I wanted to be able to do my best.  I went on my old route on the main road.  I love how much the trees have changed.  Autumn is my favorite season and the changing leaves are just so beautiful.  I loved taking it all in during this run.  Nothing huge to report about this run other than it felt great to run at a relaxed pace.

Part of the road I run on. This was taken on our way back from breakfast one morning. I don’t usual stop to take photos when I run on this road =).

Friday – Rest Day

We traveled this morning.  I knew my only option for working out would be an early morning wake up.  I really value sleep right now considering I’m up every 1-2 hours throughout the night.  I wasn’t up to getting up early if I didn’t have to.  I needed a rest day, anyway.

Saturday – 6.20 Miles; Avg Pace: 7:24

Today was the Wicked 10K!  I was excited for this race because J&A Racing always puts on a great race.  I was nervous because it was going to be the furthest I’d run since May.  I wasn’t sure how it’d go but I felt pretty good when I got up that morning.  I wasn’t gunning to win anything so I just ran by feel.  I didn’t even check my watch, but that had a lot to do with the fact that it was under the gloves I was wearing.  I felt great throughout the run and only started feeling fatigued when I reached the Mile 5 marker.  I wasn’t expecting a PR for this race since I hadn’t been running long but I managed to pull one off any way.  It was an amazing feeling =).  I’ll have more information on the race, the route, and how I ran in a later blog post.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get it up on the blog sometime this week.

Wicked 10K starting area race morning!

Sunday – Rest Day

This was another travel day.  Although I felt great during my run the day before, I really felt the after effects today.  My SP joint was very irritated and I had trouble getting out of bed throughout the night.  My feet were achy and my left ankle was a bit sore.  I know a lot had to do with my furthest distance beforehand only being 4 miles.  Plus, my shoes are at the end of their life so they probably didn’t help anything.  Tack on the fact that my son was up every hour on the hour to nurse and you’d understand why today was a rest day.  I was so exhausted.  I can’t even express how tired I was.  Funny how lack of sleep makes physical pain worse.  It’s all par for the course when it comes to life with a young infant, though.

This training wrapped up wonderfully.  I managed to make the most of my plan and take advantage of rest days, something I’m notorious for not doing.  I didn’t follow the plan 100% and it changed depending on life circumstances.  However, I did manage to reach goals I set thanks to it.  I’ll go into depth about how the plan panned out for me in my race recap for anyone who is curious about my opinions on the Hal Higdon plan.  Now it’s back to the drawing board for me in terms of a weekly routine.


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