Weekly Workout Summary: 02NOV2015 – 15NOV2015

I’m running behind on my weekly recap.  As a mentioned earlier, I got a bad cold and am still recovering from it.  I finally found some time to work on this.  The past two weeks weren’t anything crazy or special.  Still working on my speed but not much else.  I’m starting to look into training plans for marathons since I’ll probably have to start something in December with Shamrock coming up.  Since a training plan is looming in the future, I’ve decided I’m going to enjoy easy, short runs before I have to take on long ones.

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Happy Veteran’s Day

Wishing all veterans (past & present) a wonderful day 😊. Thank you all for your sacrifice, and thank you civilians for your support. The free meals are nice but the fact that you take the time to thank us is appreciated a lot more. 

I know updates have been lacking on here.  I got a pretty bad cold on Friday but it didn’t peak until Monday. I’ve been fairly miserable the last couple of days so blogging has been far from my mind.  Trying to get the kiddos taken care of first and that’s where the little bit of my energy goes.  Hopefully I’ll be able to put something up here soon.