10K Training Plan Summary: Week 5 19OCT2015 – 25OCT2015

This week definitely didn’t go according to plan.  It wasn’t my best week, that’s for sure.

Monday – 4.05 Miles; Splits: 8:06, 8:23, 8:07, 8:21, 8:30 (0.05 mi)

I made up the long run this day.  I was determined to get it done since I missed it the day before.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to go since my mom was gone so I’d have to wait until after dinner to run.  I hate running after dinner.  Thankfully it went really well.  It was a nice cool day so it was a comfortable run.  My calves felt really tight, though, so they didn’t quite loosen up until the second mile.  My splits fell into a pattern which was weird because it wasn’t intentional.  However, I did complete a loop twice so it does represent how I did on the uphill and downhill portions of that loop very well.  I was happy to see that they were consistent.  I must be doing something right.

Tuesday – Strength & Stretch

I did a pretty intense leg circuit for this workout.  I didn’t think much of it other than it was way more challenging than the workouts I normally do.  I completed a series of different squat variations.  Afterwards I went on to do a whole body stretch video which felt great after all that leg work.

Wednesday – 3.0 Miles

I took on my usual treadmill speed workout:

Warm up (0.50 mi) – 7.0 MPH; 7.3 MPH
Speed (0.25) – 7.5 MPH
Recover (0.25) – 7.3 MPH
S – 7.7 MPH
R – 7.3 MPH
S – 7.9 MPH
R – 7.3 MPH
S – 8.1 MPH
R – 7.3 MPH
S – 8.3 MPH
S – 9.0 MPH

The last speed interval was 0.50 miles at a faster pace than anticipated.  My husband called me right before the last half mile to tell me the baby was starting to fuss a little.  I picked up the pace thinking I could make it back before he went into full freak out mode.  Turn out I was wrong.  I was so close to finishing so I sprinted the last quarter mile to get to my 3 mile mark.  I didn’t think I could push that hard but it turns out you can do anything when you really need to get the run done, lol.

Thursday – 2.12 Miles; Splits: 9:14, 9:19, 1:06 (0.12 mi)

I decided to do an easy run today.  I wanted to shake out my legs and try to rid them of the soreness I had.  My legs were still aching from the dang leg workout I did 2 days prior!  Usually an easy run helps me drain that soreness from my legs.  This was an easy run in every sense of the word “easy.”  I was a full minute slower than normal.  It felt good to run slowly but boy were my glutes and quads screaming the entire time.  I really hoped this run would help since I had a 5K race the upcoming Saturday.

Friday – Rest Day

This was unintentional.  I was not feeling well and didn’t get any good sleep the night before.  I did walk about 5 miles at the zoo that day but I didn’t really call that a workout.  I wasn’t feeling sore today, either, so it was looking like Saturday might go well for me.

Saturday – 3.18 Miles; Average: 7:18

This workout was the 5K race I had at Fort Meade.  I had set the goal to come in second place for my age group and was determined to achieve it.  I lined up at the front and as soon as the gun went off, I sprinted a few meters to get out of the pack. I was shocked to see my sprint clock 5:00 min/mi since I don’t normally sprint that fast.  After I felt clear enough from other runners, I settled into my pace.  I pushed the entire run and tried for a sprint at the end.  I was never quite sure what my place was but I knew there was another woman ahead of me as well as a young girl.  Turns out I did achieve 2nd (1st place was insanely fast…to me, anyway =) ).  I’ll post a recap sometime this week (hopefully).

Sunday – Rest Day

I loathe taking so many easy days.  I really do.  However, my dear little boy was a complete Gremlin the night prior.  He was up every hour on the dot, and towards dawn he started waking up every 30 minutes.  It felt as though the feeding would never end.  Add to it that he flat out refused to sleep in his bassinet, it ends up being one long, sleepless night.  It affected me greatly this day so I didn’t bother to torture myself with a workout.  I didn’t get much sleep during the day but I didn’t feel too run down at the end of the day (something that happens when I workout while sleep deprived).  Unplanned rest days suck but things happen.

So, there was a lot more resting this week than I would have liked.  I wasn’t too pleased about that but I do realize that life doesn’t always go according to plan.  I was very happy that my race went well, though.  I have my 10K this weekend.  I’m excited for this and after this last race, I feel pretty prepared.  I’m hoping this week’s workouts go well.  I’m already off schedule with how last week went but that’s okay.  I may end up doing my own thing this week since the race is Saturday.  We’ll see how this week goes.


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