10K Training Plan Summary: Week 3 & 4 05OCT2015 – 18OCT2015

So, life with 2 children caught up with me the last week.  As a result, posting onto the blog fell to the wayside (obviously as it’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m just now posting my Monday recap).  It was worth it, though, because with it being my mom’s last week here in MD, I wanted to spend as much uninterrupted time with her.  Things are still hectic with her gone but I’ve managed to find some time to compile a summary for the last 2 weeks.  This will be a long one so bear with me.

Week 3: 05OCT2015 – 11OCT2015

Monday – Strength & Stretch

I wasn’t feeling very wonderful on Monday.  I was quite tired.  It was also a long day and had only a short amount of time left in the evening to workout.  Since this week wasn’t a Stretch X week, I looked up an easy leg workout online and followed it with an easy and short stretching session.

Tuesday – Rest Day

I decided to take my rest day this day.  I didn’t get much sleep the night before so I felt like death most of the day.  By the time the afternoon rolled around, i knew I was in no condition to try to do my speed work that day.  I called it a day and decided to just take it easy.

Wednesday – 3.12 Miles

Fartlek day!  I felt amazing this day and ready to tackle the speed work.  Even having to run on the treadmill wasn’t getting me down this day.

Our lovely community gym.

Warm up: 0.5 mi at 8:34 (7.0 MPH)
Speed Interval: 0.25 mi at 8:00 (7.5 MPH)
Recovery: 0.25 mi at 8:13 (7.3 MPH)
Speed interval: 0.25 mi at 7:54 (7.6 MPH)
Recovery: 0.25 mi
Speed Interval: 0.25 mi at 7:48 (7.7 MPH)
Recovery: 0.25 mi
Speed Interval: 0.25 mi at 7:41 (7.8 MPH)
Recovery: 0.25 mi
Speed Interval: 0.25 mi at 7:36 (7.9 MPH); 0.37 mi at 7:30 (8.0 MPH)
5 Minute Cool Down

Total time: 25:00 minutes

I was slotted to complete 2.5 miles for this workout but I decided to go to the full 3 miles because I felt so great.  Once again it felt excellent to push the pace again.  7.0+ MPH is starting to feel comfortable again which is great.  It means I’m heading in the right direction.

Thursday – Cross-Training

I decided to take my daughter to the trampoline park, Sky Zone, today.  We hadn’t gone since a birthday party in August.  We had free passes so I figured we’d head on over.  I also secretly really wanted to trampoline since I wasn’t able to the past 2 times we had gone there.  It was loads of fun and I got some serious air.  We jumped for 45 minutes straight.  I never realized how much of a workout trampolining could be until this day.  I was covered in sweat when we were done.  I was also quite sore the next day.

Trampolining wasn’t the workout I had intended to do originally, though, so I broke out the ol’ P90X to do my cross training.  I don’t have any free weights or bands so I chose Kempo X for today.  It wasn’t too bad but it was a sneaky workout.  I didn’t feel like I was working hard but I sweat a ton and felt a bit sore in my core the next day.  These workouts always surprise me.

Friday – 2.1 Miles; Splits: 8:20, 8:25, 7:49 (0.10 mi); Avg Pace: 8:20
Strength Training – Arms & Back

I was able to run outside in some nice weather.  I decided to run a bit earlier than usual and didn’t regret that decision.  It was cool outside but also very sunny which made for a pleasant run.  I knocked out the 2 miles then headed to our gym to work with some weights.  I decided to work the arms and back.  I was fortunate to get almost 30 minutes in before I needed to return to feed the baby.

Friday – Cross-Training

My unofficial cross-training was 6.5 miles of walking in Washington, DC.  My mother had wanted to visit so we headed on down this day.  It was quite busy, as it was a weekend, but we really enjoyed the visit.  The baby handled the Ergo well and our daughter managed to walk most of the time.  We missed the Washington Memorial tour for the day, sadly.

Once we got home I decided to finish up the P90X Yoga X from the week before.  Cross-training called for 50 minutes and I had that left on the program.  It felt marvelous to lengthen and stretch after all that walking.  I realized that I can no longer do one of the balance poses anymore, though (I can’t remember the name of it).  That was kind of disappointing.

Sunday – 4.00 Miles; Avg pace: 8:28

I wanted to get my long run in early in the day.  We had plans to see some friends down in Lusby and I knew that meant we’d be home late.  The baby had been cluster feeding the day prior so I worried about straying to far from home.  As a result, I decided to run on the treadmill.  I didn’t record my splits for this but I believe I started around a 7.3 MPH pace then moved up to 7.5 towards the end.  I’m not too fond of training with my long runs on a machine but you gotta do what you gotta do!  We’ll see how this works out if I have to do more on the machine.

My pelvis was hurting and a little stiff due to walking so much in DC.  It didn’t bother me too much during the run but I immediately felt it afterwards.  It’s not a pleasant ache…

Week 4: 12OCT2015 – 18OCT2015

Monday – Strength & Stretch

Another P90X Stretch X and Ab Ripper X day.  I only did 30 minutes of Stretch X due to a busy day.  By the time I was able to get my workout in I didn’t have much time.  I am glad I was able to get what I could in for the day.

Tuesday – Rest Day

Decided to take my rest day this day.  I was quite beat from the weekend and everything just caught up with me this day.  It felt glorious to just rest.

Wednesday – 3.02 Miles

Another fartlek day!  Forgot to record splits for the miles but managed to jot down the intervals.

Warm up: 0.25 mi at 8:34 (7.0 MPH); 0.25 mi at 8:13 (7.3 MPH)
Speed Interval: 0.25 mi at 8:00 (7.5 MPH)
Recovery: 0.25 mi at 7.3 MPH
Speed Interval: 0.25 mi at 7:54 (7.6 MPH)
Recovery: 0.25 mi
Speed Interval: 0.25 mi at 7:48 (7.7 MPH)
Recovery: 0.25 mi
Speed Interval: 0.25 mi at 7:36 (7.9 MPH)
Recovery: 0.25 mi at 7.5 MPH
Speed Interval: 0.25 mi at 7:30 (8.0 MPH)
Sprint: 0.12 mi at 7:18 (8.3); 0.15 mi at 7:00 (8.5)

Total time: 24:00 minutes

Thursday – Cross-Training

I chose Core Synergistics X for my cross-training.  It was one of those sneakily difficult workouts.  I didn’t have weights so I still did the motions without weights.  Next time I’ll grab some canned food or water bottles so I at least have some sort of weight to work with.  I didn’t feel immediately sore, but when I got up later that night I could barely pick up my son.

Friday – 2.32 miles; Splits: 8:31, 8:01, 7:19 (0.32)

I didn’t have much time today to include my strength training for this day.  I barely had time to squeeze in this 2-miler.  Today was the day my mom left for CA so I spent a lot of time doing last minute things with her.  When I finally did get to go run, I was pleased with the weather.  It was the first real crisp day of fall.  It felt amazing and refreshing.  I really enjoy running in the fall/winter.  It may be cold but it feels so good against my skin when I run.  Nothing too difficult about this run.  I felt great and my splits showed that.

Saturday – Cross-Training

I chose yoga for today.  My husband had reserve training and I took the kids to a birthday party at a farm.  It was cold that day (around 52 degrees) and windy.  Needless to say, after 3 hours out in the elements, I did not want to go biking outdoors like I originally planned.  Since I was sore from walking/climbing with a baby strapped to me, I figured yoga would be a great option.  I chose a video from YouTube and although it was 10 minutes shorter than the required cross-training time, it was very restorative.  I felt very relaxed and my muscles felt nice and loose afterwards.  That was great considering I would be running my “long” run the next day.

Sunday – Rest Day

Okay, so I was supposed to run today.  However, my baby decided that the night prior would be a great time to cluster feed.  I was up every hour feeding and trying to calm him down because he was extra fussy.  I got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep which really sucked for Sunday.  I didn’t get to nap, either, because I was solo with the kids again.  By the time my husband got home I was beat.  I cut my losses and decided to take a rest day.  Hopefully I would get some sleep that night and be able to complete my long run the next day.

Training is going well enough.  I’m not sure if I’ll place top 2 in the next 5K (it’s this coming Saturday).  I want to aim for at least 2nd, though, just to have a goal in mind.  Looking back at how I’ve been doing lately I think that’s completely attainable.  I have 2 more weeks until we go to VA Beach for the Wicked 10K.  I am really excited as I love the J&A races and miss them dearly.  I haven’t done their Wicked run yet but I have done other ones.  They’re always so much fun and their runner’s gift is always amazing.  It so be a ton of fun.


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