10K Training Plan Summary: Week 3 & 4 05OCT2015 – 18OCT2015

So, life with 2 children caught up with me the last week.  As a result, posting onto the blog fell to the wayside (obviously as it’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m just now posting my Monday recap).  It was worth it, though, because with it being my mom’s last week here in MD, I wanted to spend as much uninterrupted time with her.  Things are still hectic with her gone but I’ve managed to find some time to compile a summary for the last 2 weeks.  This will be a long one so bear with me.

Week 3: 05OCT2015 – 11OCT2015

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10K Training Plan Summary: Week 2 28SEP2015 – 04OCT2015

Week 2 went really well.  I tried some new things in terms of cross training and worked some speed work into one of my runs.  The weather was pretty wet and windy this week due to a large storm passing through the area.  It was predicted to be a very rainy week because of this storm and Hurricane Joaquin so I knew gym workouts would probably take place a lot more often this week.

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