10K Training Plan Summary: Week 1 21SEP2015 – 27SEP2015

Finished the first week of Hal Higdon’s novice plan. 

Monday – Strength & Stretch

I decided to hit the gym and work on my core.  I did a few gentle ab exercises which really kicked my butt.  It’s crazy how much of a hit the abs take during pregnancy.  Still, I was able to get through the exercises well and felt really good afterwards.  I followed up core work with stretching.  I’m terrible at remembering to stretch so I’m glad this plan called for it.  My hamstrings were so tight.  I focused on the for quite some time.  Hopefully following the prescribed stretch days will help me loosen them up again. 

Tuesday – Rest

Tuesday called for a run but I was extremely beat.  I hit a wall around 4 PM so I decided to heed my body’s cue and take a rest day.  As much as I think I am superhuman and can go on 4 hours of sleep each day, my body likes to hit me back with a “hell no”.  I’m trying really hard to be flexible but my type-A self really hates diverting from plans.  Maybe this’ll be a good lesson in letting it go. 

Feeling amazing post run.

Wednesday – 2.5 Miles

Splits: 8:27, 8:09, 8:00 (0.5 mile)

I completed the run I was supposed to do the day before.  I decided to just shift everything over to the right 1 day and skip the rest day in Friday so I would sync up with the plan again.  The run itself went very well.  I ran mid-afternoon in some gorgeous 60 degree weather.  I felt like I was flying during the run and my average pace sure did show it.  I’m sure the latte I had an hour prior probably helped with my pace.  It was really nice to see sub 8:30 paces, though. 

After cycling 7 miles I was glad to be home =)

Thursday – Cross-Training

Splits: 4:17, 3:33, 4:08, 4:25, 4:12, 4:13, 4:24, 2:06 (0.41 mi)

I decided to take my little old hybrid bike out.  I haven’t cycled on the road in over a year.  I just wasn’t familiar with the roads here quite yet when we moved last year.  By the time I was able to get a good idea of how people drove here and where the roads led, winter was upon us making cycling less than ideal.  It was really nice to get out on the bike again!  I got to ride up some nice hill climbs and play around with my gears to familiarize myself with the bike again.  In all, I cycled for about 30 minutes.  My legs killed afterwards and I knew my butt would be screaming the next day.  However, I’m glad I got out there.  Cycling is such a nice change from riding spin bikes =). 

Friday – 2 Miles

Splits: 8:47, 8:43, 0:25 (.07 mi)

My legs were feeling a bit heavy from biking but overall the run went well.  Paces were a tad slower than Wednesday but then again I think that run was kind of a “perfect circumstances” run. 

Saturday – Cross-Training

I chose to do one of the shorter p90X workouts since the plan called for only 30 minutes of cross-training.  Cardio X was the closest to that time (it’s 45 minutes) so I went with that.  I always forget how subtly challenging that program is.  I didn’t feel like I was doing much, even with exercising all out, but by the end I was sweating and hurting a little.  It was definitely a good cross-training session. 

Sunday – 3 Miles

Splits: 9:09, 9:14, 8:54, 0:24 (0.06 mi)

I headed out after J’s morning feeding for my run.  I wasn’t feeling the greatest physically.  My SP (symphysis pubis) joint was acting up and aching.  I think I irritated it with some of the yoga in the workout the day before.  It made for a slightly painful and slow run.  Paces really reflected that but I was just happy to get the distance in before the baby woke up again.  It’s the little victories that count =). 

This first week went pretty well.  I feel a bit like a slacker not going full out 7 days a week.  However, taking it easy every other day has been kind of nice.  I’m sure my body needed the break from the strain streaking was creating.  I’m pretty hopeful I’ll hit my 8:30 pace goals for the 10K.  I know I’ll have to start using some sort of speed work to aid with getting to that pace consistently.  I’m going to look into incorporating it into one of the runs during the week day.  It’ll be nice to get some fartleks in again. 


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