Running Week Summary: 07SEP2015 – 13SEP2015

This week definitely went differently than I expected!

The week started off pretty roughly. I started feeling pretty tired and defeated during my runs. I was starting to feel like I was running because I had to not because I wanted to. I hated that. Once something starts feeling mandatory I see it as a sign that it is no longer enjoyable. The aches of being pregnant were just starting to get to me. I was tired of always feeling so slow and sluggish when I knew, in my heart, I was capable of being so much faster. I was beginning to question whether I would continue running past this week. 

Well, I got my answer to that question pretty quickly. I woke up on Thursday to a weird clicking sound in my pelvis. I wasn’t sure what it was but it was time to get up so I got ready for my run. I headed out the door and started my 2-miler. Midway I felt a big gush. I stopped. I knew what it was immediately considering I had voided my bladder right before I left. I decided to finish the run and head home. By then there was no mistake Baby J was coming that day. 

I did end up going on a run the next day but took it super easy. It was very apparent that my body needed to rest. They warn you that things aren’t quite right down there and it was very true for me. Although I ran decently, had no pain, and felt amazing – like I could run for miles – my lower region didn’t agree. As sad as I am to say it, I ended my streak that Friday, 9/11. 

I made it just under 8.5 months streaking. I ran all the way up to the moment I gave birth, literally! (More on that in a future post). I’m very happy. I hope to pick up this goal again for next year, possibly sooner depending on how things go for me. Right now I’m going to enjoy the early days with Baby J and some much deserved time off from running. I miss it already but I’ll be back soon enough. 

The next 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) I got some exercise by going on a walk, using the elliptical for a short period, and lifting weights. I didn’t want to stop working out cold turkey so I decided to cut them down to 10-15 minute intervals and focus on more low impact training and weight work. 

I’ll discuss some my future plans for running in a future post. Until then, I’m pausing my weekly recaps until things pick up again =)


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