Running Week Summary: 31AUG2015 – 06SEP2015

Running went pretty well this week.

  • The nerve pain I was experiencing last week really toned down a lot. I’ve felt it tweak every once and a while at the beginning of my runs but it would last maybe 15 seconds at the most.
  • I’ve started noticing my bladder a lot more on the runs. I had a few instances where I couldn’t shake or ignore the urge. My GI tract is also starting to act up which is no fun. I’ve been lucky in that this week I haven’t had to stop mid run to use the bathroom. I’m not sure if this will get worse as the weeks wear on but I hope not.
  • I’m having some minor pelvic pain towards the end of my runs. Nothing too bad but enough to be annoying.
  • Speed has been all over the place. I’ve been leaning more towards the 11:30 pace lately. Anything faster happens on days I’m feeling great. I just feel so heavy lately. It’s crazy how much a couple of pounds can affect how you feel when you run.
  • Running only one 3-miler a week seems to work well for me. My body doesn’t get overly tired and I feel pretty good as opposed to fatigued throughout the week.

I was very happy with how much better I felt this week. Last week made me contemplate whether I was done running for this pregnancy. Thankfully, I’ve adjusted well to the baby’s new lowered position. It has caused me to slow down a bit but I’ll take that if it’ll keep me running to the end.


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