A Day in My Life – August 27, 2015

I’ve often seen these kinds of posts float around on blogs.  I’ve never actually done one because, let’s face it, my life is kind of boring.  However, I thought I’d go ahead and do one now before Baby J gets here.  I know things will probably change drastically once I have 2 young ones with me!

0500 – My husband’s alarm goes off.  I jump out of bed as soon as I hear it and shut mine off (it’s set for 0505 in case I fall asleep again).  I get dressed in the clothes I lined up the night before, let my husband know what my workout plan is and give him a kiss, and I head out the door for my run.  I decide to attempt 2 miles today, my usual workout for Thursday.  Thankfully my body feels okay and I can finish it.  The second mile wasn’t so hot but I was able to finish it.

Definitely will be rocking this belt from now on. 5 AM is so dark!

0548 – I get back home.  I catch my husband as he’s letting the dogs out.  We talk for a bit and discuss dinner possibilities.  We kiss goodbye and he heads to work.

0600 – I head up to our room and shower,  get dressed, then lounge on my rocker until Izzy is up.  I surf some social media sites since I don’t get to do it while my daughter is awake – I try not to surf the web or stare at my phone while I’m around her.  I think my full attention while she’s awake and at home is important.

0638 – My daughter walks in and she sees me in the rocker.  She decides we need to cuddle on the rocker.  She grabs her water bottle and my water jug and we cuddle on the rocker for about 30 minutes.

0700 – I tell my daughter it’s time to get ready so we can eat breakfast soon.  Her stomach growls and she agrees.  We head into her room to change her clothes and brush teeth and hair.

She likes to play with my phone sometimes. I end up with photos like this as a result 

0720 – Downstairs we go for breakfast.  She has some cereal and milk while I blend a smoothie for myself.  I can’t stomach many breakfast foods due to aversions but smoothies always sound good to me.  My daughter steals a few sips of my smoothie since it’s her favorite – strawberry and banana.

0740 – My daughter finishes eating and asks to be excused. She runs over to her play area and plays with her train table and ponies while I finish eating.  I grab the phone from the counter (phone’s aren’t allowed at the table during meals) and read some mail before I clean up the table.

0800 – It’s dish day so I gather any dishes that may have migrated from the kitchen and load the washer.  My daughter helps me start the wash since she loves to start it.

0830 – I make my way to the living room. My daughter either follows me or stays in her play area.  Today she follows me and brings a few ponies with her.  A few puzzles get pulled out and she assembles them in front of her pony audience (she’s been doing a lot of pretend play with them recently.  Cutest thing ever!).  I turn on the news and try to watch some but it’s not long before she asks me to join her.  I settle down on the floor and help with some puzzles.  She then asks to read a few Dr. Seuss books and I read them to her.

0900 – I get up to pack her snack bag.  I had planned to take her to the library today so we could find some new books to read.  She runs to the bathroom to try and use it before we take off, and we head down to the garage to get in the car.

0928 – We arrive at the library and I score a parking spot close to the entrance.  Once inside, I peruse the book sale shelf and my daughter heads over to their children’s section.  I find her playing with the various toys they have and she eventually makes her way to the child computer table.  I set her up with a puzzle game and I hop on the computer next to her.  I search for her current favorite characters – Clifford the Big Red Dog and My Little Pony.  I place some books on hold and grab others.  My daughter asks me to help her with some puzzles and eventually she’s done and goes over to the “Early Reader” section to look at thier Disney books.  She finds 2 she likes and we add them to the basket.

Library had this book on sale today! I love new cook books, especially when they’re just a dollar =)

1018 – We head to the check out counter and check out the books.  I then drive to the Wawa because I’ve been craving their turkey club sandwich like crazy.  My daughter sees their Go-Go Squeez display and asks for a berry one.  I then go get gas for my car since I’ve been driving at 1/4 tank for a while.  Once we’re done we head home.

1120 – We arrive at our home.  I send my daughter to the bathroom for a potty break while I prepare her lunch and we sit down to eat. At some point the doorbell rings and I find package I was expecting at the doorstep.

One of Baby J’s newborn shoot outfits! My husband loves the Avengers and I love Thor so we settle on this outfit. How cute is the mini hammer?

1140 – We finish eating and my daughter  runs off to play with toys while I clean up lunch. We lounge around a bit and I read some of the new books to her.

She’s a huge fan of Clifford right now.

1230 – My daughter suddenly is acting cranky.  After a few tears are shed, she informs me she wants to go upstairs to take a nap. I take her up and after she’s settled I decide to seize the moment and take a nap as well – which rarely happens – since I’m pretty tired.

1330 – Alarm goes off for me. I hit snooze

1340 – Alarm goes off again. After lying there after a few minutes contemplating sleeping more, I get up and head downstairs for chores.

1400 – I gather my cleaning supplies and head to the basement.  I let the dogs out to relieve themselves before I start to clean.

1405 – I start my scheduled chores for the day. Today I tackle the bathrooms since I cleaned the upstairs and downstairs heavily the last 2 days. It’s a lighter chore for me and I need it badly today. My back is definitely feeling the strain since the baby dropped and I’m pretty worn out today.  Nesting energy keeps me from lounging around since it’s urge overpowers my desire to just veg.

1500 – I finish the bathrooms.  I finally sit down and have a snack.  I start this post and put on some DVR’d show to catch up on my recording for a bit.

1530 – My daughter comes downstairs. She sets up to play with toys again. I change the channel to some news and mute the TV.  I read to her some more then we start working on some of her puzzles.

This is pretty much what my living room floor looks like while my daughter is awake. 

1700 – my husband arrives from work. He goes upstairs to shower and cooks our burgers for dinner.  I usually make dinner but today I needed the easy day.  Standing for the entire time it takes to cook dinner has been harder lately with the baby’s new position.

1750 – Dinner’s ready.  We all sit down and eat.  My husband fills me in on his work day and I tell him what we were up to today.  We take turns feeding our daughter some food since she likes to pick at it when she finishes the parts she likes to eat.

1810 – We’re all done and my husband clears the table.  Leftovers get packed up.  We head to the living room then decide that ice cream sounds good today.

1830 – We arrive at Daily Scoop, a small business ice cream shop with awesome handmade ice cream.  Our daugther gets her favorite, birthday cake with extra sprinkles, and I settle on a cannoli flavor in a waffle cone.

1845 – My husband decides he wants to drive to the waterfront in our community to see the progress.  We run into his boss and chat for a bit.  A neighbor’s dog gets away from him as he’s leaving the dog park so we chase it down.  I manage to get her leash and Manuel walks her back to the neighbor’s house.

1900 – We’re home and our daughter finishes up her ice cream.  For some reason she refused to eat it in the shop and asked to eat it at home.

1920 – My husband wants to FaceTime with his parents so they can talk to our daughter.  They go to the living room and I read a magazine at the kitchen table.  I don’t like FaceTime because it’s so awkward so I usually stay out of the way.

2000 – It’s out daughter’s bedtime so we head upstairs and get her ready for bed.  My husband plays “horsey” with her and she finally climbs into bed.  We do back rubs and piggies before she’s satisfied enough to go to sleep.

Sometimes bedtime involves me climbing into bed with her for some short cuddles, lol.

2030 – Back to the living room we go.  We turn on the TV with some sort of show on for background noise.  The dogs get fed and let out for a bit.  My husband then pulls out some work he brought home and works on it.  I usually surf the web since it’s the only time I have to do so.

2130 – We call it a night and head upstairs.  Up early tomorrow to do this all over again so I don’t complain about the early bedtime.

Like I said, my life isn’t anything exciting or amazing.  Today was a pretty easy day for us.  Usually there’s some sort of outing I do with our daughter for a while, whether it’s the park or the train museum.  Dinner also takes a large chunk of the afternoon if I’m cooking a usual meal.  I like that my day is pretty regimented because it makes getting things accomplished easier.  I’m just wondering how much things will change with the new baby.  I know those 5 AM runs will probably be thrown out the door for a bit!


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