Running Week Summary: 17AUG2015 – 23AUG2015

Another week of streaking down but not with more pregnancy annoyances making it difficult.  Blurred out the top because that was today’s workout, not part of this recap.  I forgot to data capture last night.

Monday I took my run nice and slow.  I really felt the irritation in my bladder and pelvis throughout the entire run which wasn’t fun.  With the baby riding so low it’s probably going to be a common nuisance until I deliver.  Fun, fun.  I followed it up with my usual gym time.

Tuesday’s weather was interesting.  It was really muggy but unusually foggy as well.  I’ve made it a habit to wear my reflective belt in the morning since sunrise is now around 0630.  I was really glad to have it this morning.  I turned on the light on it for once and loved that it lit my path =).  As for the run itself, my right quad acted up again and just felt heavy for the first quarter of a mile.  I felt pretty good throughout the run and only experienced some pelvic discomfort right at the end.  Pace felt good and I felt good after I was done as well.

Wednesday was not fun.  From the get-go my body just wasn’t into the run.  I felt sluggish and heavy throughout.  I tried to push my pace when I saw (and was shocked at) my 11:20 pace.  No dice.  I even got a side stitch running this pace!  I managed to drop slightly below 11 minutes at the end, though.  I was a bit irritated at how much this run sucked but I was happy to have been able to run at all.  I didn’t need to take a break during the entire distance so that was at least a positive in my run.

Thursday I woke up a few hours before my alarm to a bad cramp in my right calf.  It took a minute before I could actually walk on it.  I was annoyed because the last time I had one it caused my calf to be stiff and sore for a few days.  This time, however, it didn’t bother me after it cleared up.  My quad acted up a bit once again but my calf didn’t cause any issues.  I was able to run at a decent pace and even cut some decent time at the end because I picked up the pace to try and get out of the rain that had started falling.  The rest of the day turned out to be super humid so I was glad to have gotten the run done that morning.

Friday was nice and easy.  The weather was great with all the humidity pretty much wiped out by the storm the day before.  My quad was still being difficult even with the stretching I’ve been doing to try and relieve the ache.  I think it’s just one of those pregnancy nuisances at this point.  Finished up with some weight work in the gym.

Saturday was nice once again in terms of the weather.  It was actually in the low 60s!  My muscles felt great as well and I didn’t experience the quad ache or any fatigue elsewhere.  I did have to take my first ever bathroom break during a run.  I usually can hold out until the end but not this time.  I knew this wouldn’t last long, lol.  I had a slight ache in my symphysis pubis at the end but it wasn’t anything excruciating like in the past.  I think this run was a huge success.

Sunday was interesting comfort-wise.  I had lightning pain immediately when I started running and the nerves in my upper thighs started spazzing.  The baby’s position has become more and more obvious lately and he’s definitely pressing down into my pelvis.  As a result, lightning pain happens whenever I walk/run and he’s now pressing down on nerves near my pelvis.  This makes running very uncomfortable at times.  I was glad I wasn’t going far today but I realized that I may need to cut my runs to just 1 mile now and start using the elliptical for my cardio.

It wasn’t a bad week but it’s quickly becoming apparent that the baby is starting to cause some strain in my running.  I love running my current distances but with the lightning and this new nerve pain I may need to cut back.  I’m going to see how this week goes and play it by ear.  If I do have to drop to just a mile, I’m glad I made it this far running 3 milers.  My goal when I reached my 3rd trimester was to keep running until 35 weeks and here I am.  I’m very happy with how far I’ve gotten.  I’m just hoping I can keep pressing on.


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