Running Week Summary: 10AUG2015 – 16AUG2015

Running was interesting this week.  I was pretty much all over the place.

Monday I took it a lot easier than I usually do with my pace.  It’s taken me a while but I’ve finally shaken the need to run as fast as possible on something that’s supposed to be an active recovery/easy day.  I’m not exactly completing such a workout if I’m trying to push as hard as possible for that short distance.  I was kind of thinking “easy” in terms of distance, not speed.  I’ve been feeling the consequences of not taking it easy in all sense of the workout, especially now that I’m 34 weeks along.  I ran really slow but I really enjoyed completing it.  After I was done with the mile I headed indoors to spend some time with the gym weight machines.

Tuesday I definitely felt a difference thanks to taking the day before easy.  My muscles weren’t as stiff and I didn’t feel worn out.  My pace was still fairly slow at about a 10:23 average.  However, it was as fast as I felt well enough to do.  As I have stated before, my body is really catching up to me so running those sub-10s is more and more taxing on my body.  It is a bit disappointing since I love pushing myself as hard as I can.  However, I’ll have plenty of time to do that once baby is here and my body starts to return to its normal.  I didn’t follow up my run with the elliptical as I normally did.  I decided to drop that extra cardio because it was just tiring me out.  I decided to take the cue from my body and nix it from now on.

Wednesday was quite strange for me.  I ran at about the same average pace as the day before but I felt 100% amazing the entire time (the past two days I felt like I was slogging through my runs).  My quad was still stiff at first, and now my left hamstring is starting to act up as I warm up as well.  However, once my muscles were warm I felt like I was flying even at my slower pace.  I finished feeling awesome and was grateful that this was one of those good running days.  Pregnancy has been funny like that.  Some days are amazing and some are awful.  I realize that if I just push through those bad days things will better eventually, even if it does happen a few days down the road.

Thursday was the first time I noticed that my bladder is starting to become a real nuisance and that lightning was starting to occur during every run.  Pace was averaging the same as the last few days (at least I’m consistent!).  Nothing spectacular about this run other than it was quite an epiphany on how much my body is starting to ache more and more.  I guess I can’t escape the normal pregnancy aches and pains for too long.

Friday was another nice, short run on a cool morning.  I hit the gym once again for some more weight work.

Saturday I completed my run in the evening.  I decided to start sleeping in a little more in the morning because I have been starting to get more exhausted throughout the day.  I haven’t been feeling well rested even with 8 hours of sleep and naps.  Recharging on the weekends seemed like a logical step.  My husband had to work in the mornings so I waited until around 7 PM to run since the sun was further down and the temperature is usually a bit cooler then.  The run went well.  I felt very energized and I actually averaged 9:20 paces the first 2 miles.  This didn’t last long, however.  It was still quite warm and muggy that evening and I hadn’t quite hydrated properly throughout the day.  Around 2.20 miles I got a pretty strong side stitch.  I had to stop and stretch it out.  It took a few minutes but I was able to shake it off.  A bit later my pelvis really started aching.  I had to slow down significantly to get through the last bit of the mile but I managed to get through it.  I wish I could say I felt okay once I was done.  I didn’t.  I hurt pretty bad and just felt sick.  I down as much water as I could and quickly took a cool shower.  It helped a bit but I still got some pretty intense contractions as a result of my poor preparation for a hot run.  Lesson learned.

Sunday I took it a lot easier because of how terrible I felt the day before.  I also was having a pretty bad headache throughout the day so it was just a smarter move for me to cut my run short and finish any cardio indoors.  I did feel okay after the run so I decided to do about 30 minutes on the elliptical.  After my workouts I felt pretty great and whatever bad feelings I was having seemed to have been flushed out of me.  I was happy to note that and managed to spend my evening in a lot more comfort than I did the day before.

My pace was pretty consistent throughout the week, but my physical status was all over the place.  I definitely learned that I can’t push myself as hard as I did Saturday without consequences.  It really does drive me crazy how I can feel so great one day and barely muster the energy to run the next.  I hate being limited by my body as well.  It’s safe to say I’m counting down the days until I can run without my 15 pound vest.  It’s going to feel so great to run solo again!


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