Pregnancy: Weeks 31 & 32

2 more weeks down, 8ish to go!

31 weeks and a few days. I forgot to take a photo that Monday


  • Frequent urination – No change
  • Insomnia – This has gone away complete.  My 5 AM wake ups have really been a game-changer.  I’m exhausted by 9 PM and maybe wake up once to use the bathroom.  Hopefully this continues
  • Fatigue – This comes and goes.  Some days I feel like superwoman and clean everything.  Other days I can barely muster the energy to cook.  Depression has aggravated the fatigue in some instances as well.  Thankfully, it hasn’t been so serious that I can’t care for my daughter and myself.  I’m sure that’d be different if I didn’t have a toddler, though.
  • Backache/pelvic pain – Nothing too bad with regard to aches and pains.  I can’t really lie on the couch anymore without my back and pelvis feeling like they’re going to snap.  I’ve taken on sitting “Indian-style” with my legs crossed because it’s the only way I can sit without hurting or feeling squished.  No real aches in those areas while I run anymore.  That is a real relief!
  • Fetal movement – Still getting a lot of hiccups.  Baby J is rolling more now rather than kicking.  He still favors my right side when it comes to stretching his legs, though.  I’ve taken to pushing down on him when he does that so that he moves.  The pressure in that area can be unbearable when he does stretch that way.
  • Braxton-HIcks contractions – I don’t notice these too much anymore.  I get maybe 2 or 3 really noticeable ones but it’s usually due to being on my feet for too long.
  • Appetite decrease – Still eating toddler portions when it comes to non-liquid foods.  I still get acid reflux issues if I eat too much.  Heck, I get it even after eating what I can manage portion-wise.  I can drink large smoothies like there’s no tomorrow, though, so there’s always some sort of large drink/smoothie thrown into my everyday diet now.  I’m also having the issue that I’m usually not hungry as often anymore.  I’ve been having to force dinner down my throat because I no longer get the hunger cues in the evening.
  • Aversions/nausea – Still have nausea if I go too long without eating.  I’ve had a few bad bouts of morning sickness as well.  I’ve started getting stronger aversions lately.  It honestly feels like the 1st trimester all over again.
  • Cramps – I get a lot of cramps lately.  The OB said it is pretty normal at this point.  They feel exactly like period cramps and they alternate between my back and my stomach.  Thankfully, there’s no tightening of my belly so it’s not labor pains that I’m feeling.  It’s still not pleasant to experience, however.
  • Shortness of breath – This is becoming more and more apparent.  I get winded walking up 2 flights of stairs!  What the heck?  You just have to love all the compression that happens in the abdominal cavity.

32 weeks!


  • Iced herbal tea (my current favorite is Teavana Raspberry Limeade)
  • Cheese
  • Potato chips
  • Water (flat and carbonated)
  • Coke
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Salad
  • Biscuits and breads


  • Hot and iced coffee
  • Most sweets with chocolate in them
  • Oatmeal
  • Meat
  • Any sweet breakfast pastries or sweet breads

Weight Gain:  12 pounds (-3 pounds from 2 weeks ago)

After my last 4 miler at 31 weeks


Running’s been going well comfort-wise.  I’ve gotten even slower, which isn’t fun to experience.  However, I am no longer getting side stitches!  My pace averages about 10-10:30 per mile which sounds and looks painfully slow but feels amazing when I’m running.  I had to cut back my 4-miler to a 3 this past weekend because the last one I ran was anything but comfortable.  Fatigue is starting to set in a lot sooner now in my muscles.  I start really feeling the run right after the 2 mile mark.  After my 3-milers I usually feel spent so I’ve decided to pull back on distance once again.  3 will be my max distance for now.

Morning runs have been working out well.  I groan at the thought of getting up so early but the cooler weather and higher energy is a great incentive.  I don’t think I’ll be taking a break from running anytime soon since all’s been going well in that department.  I hope nothing changes that in the next few weeks.

8 more week until the due date!  I can’t believe it’s that close.  I keep reminding myself that it could be sooner.  My daughter came at 38 weeks.  The thought of it happening in 6 weeks is kind of frightening.  I guess I should really get to buying those newborn diapers!  At least I have my hospital bag packed, lol.


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