Running Week Summary: 27JUL2015 – 02AUG2015

Running went well this week.  I feel as though I’ve become a bit slower than I was last week.  I had a few issues with fatigue but nothing too serious.  Backed down a bit in regards to distance but happy to report I’m still running strong at 32 weeks pregnant!

Monday was the typical recovery mile.  It was drizzling and quite humid so I was happy it was a short run.  I got some good weight work done targeting my legs afterwards.  Tuesday, the weather was still pretty uncomfortable even at 5 AM.  It felt very muggy and made for a gross run.  I couldn’t seem to break the 10 minute mark either.  I followed up with some time on the elliptical but honestly could have done without it.  I just was not feeling the workout that day.

Wednesday, the weather had cooled down significantly.  I started off slowly as I have been with all my runs lately.  I got a little bit of acid reflux during the first mile due to the slight bouncing of my belly.  It luckily only happened a few times and finally settled by the time I reached mile 2.  I felt pretty good throughout the run, otherwise.  I did feel fatigue set in during the last mile but managed to negative split that mile, something that’s been difficult for me to achieve this week.

Thursday was rough.  The weather wasn’t great as it was very humid once again.  My body also wasn’t feeling too great.  I just felt very heavy throughout the run.  I was more than happy to be done with my run that day and hit the elliptical where it was nice and cool.  Friday my run went so much better.  I felt really slow but my pace was a lot better than it was the day before.  My right quad felt a bit tight initially but let up after a few minutes.  I finished up in the gym with some weight work that targeted my arms.

Saturday was a beautiful, cool morning which was perfect for a longer run.  My right quad was still being funny in the beginning.  I got a Braxton-Hicks contraction during mile 2 and was starting to feel a bit of fatigue at that point as well.  Back started to ache slightly by the time I finished my run.  This just solidified my decision to drop the 4 mile distance for now.  Other than that, it was a decent run.  Pace left a lot to be desired but I think that’s just a natural regression considering how far along I am.

Sunday was so much better!  I don’t know if it was the later wake up or what but I felt really good throughout my run.  My quad was still nagging me in the beginning and I got some slight pelvic joint irritation but it really didn’t bother me much while I ran.  I managed to maintain an even pace for the first 2 miles and negative split the last one.  The highlight of my run, though, was getting to see a doe and her fawn when I ran down to the waterfront.  They startled me more than I startled them, lol.

Not sure how next week will go but I know that it’ll probably be the same.  I’m feeling the fatigue a lot more during my runs.  However, I don’t feel any intense, gut-punching pain like I did during my first pregnancy so I’m very happy and feel very blessed that I can still run at this point.  It may not be fast or far but at least I can do it!


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