Running Week Summery: 06JUL2015 – 21JUL2015

Kind of fell off the posting bandwagon the past 2 weeks. I’ve had 2 very busy weekends in a row so that led to my lack of posting. Here’s my summary for the last 2 weeks and 2 days:

To spare you all, I’m not going to day-by-day recaps of the runs. I’ll just summarize the week’s successes/fails.

The week of the 6th started off a bit rough with my leg still being sore.  Monday morning I woke up to the pain in my left calf gone.  However, the ligament in my outer ankle was really tight and sore.  I still wanted to make up the 4-miler I missed so I decided to run my usual 2-miler on Monday and reassess on Tuesday whether I could do the 4 miles.  Thankfully, Monday was the last time my left leg gave me any issues and I was able to run during the rest of the week without any issues.  My paces remained around the 9:30 range for most of the week.  The weather wasn’t too great in that the humidity and heat are an every day thing now.  There was some respite on Saturday due to a storm roaring through the night before and creating cool, dry weather in its wake.

Because of how humid and hot it’s been getting, my evening runs have become quite miserable.  I don’t mind running in this kind of weather but I don’t necessarily enjoy it either.  I decided to move all my running to the early morning for the rest of the summer.  It’s the only time of day where the temperatures are usually in the 70s and the humidity hasn’t had a chance to develop fully.  The first few days were a little hard but it felt great to be up and getting my day started early.  It was also easier because I was able to work out before I became worn out from the day (something that has become oh so common lately).

The week of the 13th I started to feel like extra weight from pregnancy has finally been catching up to me.  I just felt very heavy during all my runs and felt more like I was plodding rather than running.  Side stitches also became more of a regular pain I had to deal with while I run.  Getting enough air in my lungs has just been getting harder and harder and it’s starting to result in these cramps.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had them so it was quite a shocker when I first got them.  Luckily, a brief stop when needed seemed to help relieve them.  My pace has suffered a little.  I noticed about a 30 second slow down in my pace.  I know the weight and cramps have been affecting it so I’m not too surprised.  I knew I’d have to take it easier as the pregnancy progressed.  The week went pretty well, though.  Other than the cramps, I really had no other issues or pains.

Sunday we drove down to Hampton, VA because my husband was interviewing job applicants for his company at a job conference.  I typically don’t run outdoors when we travel because I hate trying to figure out a route.  I usually just hit up their gym.  I did just that for the first day there, once again reaffirming my disdain for treadmills (at least at this point in my pregnancy).  I managed my easy 1 mile and worked with the weights they had to get my lifting session in.  I wasn’t so lucky the next day with the machines.  Despite the fact that I arrived at the gym at 5:30 AM, all machines (even elliptical and bike) were taken up.  They had few machines to begin with so I wasn’t surprised.  I was just a bit irked because the users on the treadmill were merely walking at a leisurely pace on the machine and fully engrossed in the personal TVs.  I managed to steal a glance at the stats on the machines and noted that all three were merely in the first 5-10 minutes of their workout.  Rather than wait around for one to free up I said screw it and took to the roads for my run.  We were staying next to the Hampton Coliseum so I knew that traffic would be light, thankfully, and that the roads would have sidewalks.  I did a loop and slightly overshot my 2 miles but it was a nice, scenic run nonetheless.  My legs felt really heavy throughout but I think that may have had to do with all the walking I did the day before (I spent 9 hours trying to stay away from the hotel as my husband had to conduct interviews in his suite).  It was a tad bit more humid than I preferred (91% to be exact) but I was glad to just get out there and get the run complete.  I did head back to the gym in hopes that the single elliptical was free but wasn’t surprised to see all the machine still taken up by the same people.  Oh, well.

All in all it’s been pretty average when it comes to my running.  Still happy to be streaking and I’m even happier that I’m still running at 30 weeks pregnant!  I’m trying hard to just let it go when I don’t feel physically able to run the distances I planned to run for the day (that happened this past weekend).  All that’s really important is that I get out there and stay active.  Getting slower really blows but I’ve also been thinking about how awesome, and hopefully easier, it’ll be for me when I’m no longer carrying the extra 15 or so pounds I am now.  I’m hoping this week goes well and I’m still running pain-free when it comes time for the next recap.  I’ll try to make sure it’s on time this time!


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