Pregnancy: Weeks 27 & 28

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks already!


27 weeks


  • Frequent urination – Still hanging in there!  It’s become more of a burden on my runs.  I was happy it wasn’t an issue yet and it finally became one the past 2 weeks.
  • Insomnia – I’m having good and bad days with this.  A lot of times my anxiety plays a huge part in whether I can go to sleep easily.  Napping doesn’t happen very often so I tend to just go about my day tired.  I guess I’m just getting ready for the newborn stage again.
  • Fatigue – Still around and still changes on a daily basis.
  • Backache/pelvic pain – My sciatic nerve gets irritated occasionally but I haven’t had the crippling pain I did a few weeks back.  I have been having some minor aches and pain in my back and pelvis lately.  They feel a lot like period cramping which got me a little worried.  Thankfully, it went away and I didn’t have any consistent pain and signaled possible pre-term labor.  I have also had some pain in my symphysis joint that’s kind of hard to describe.  It’s achy and just makes me irritable.  It’s really indescribable unless you’ve felt it.  It kind of reminds me of the growing pains I felt as a child.
  • Fetal movement – The baby likes to make its presence known!  The baby tends to hang out on my right side a lot as that’s where all the rolls and kicks are felt.  I really wish the baby would move to the other side because the constant beating on that side is getting pretty painful.  All the movement makes me really uncomfortable still.  It’s cool to watch but not so great to sit through.  I’ve started feeling hiccups this past week which is pretty funny to watch.  We’ve also been playing a lot of “what part of baby is this” when the baby presses up against my stomach.
  • Braxton-HIcks contractions – I’ve had a few that were quite painful but those luckily only lasted a few minutes.  I’ve had fewer lately and only tend to get them if my bladder gets too full or I”m on my feet for too long.
  • Appetite decrease – My appetite still sucks.  Small meals are still staples for me.
  • Aversions/nausea – This is still pretty bad.  There are few foods that sound good and most meats gross me out.  I am able to stomach most things, though, it’s just the thought, smell, and texture that gets to me.

28 weeks – Hello 3rd trimester!


  • Coke
  • Cheese
  • Chilled swiss oats
  • Cereal with ice cold milk
  • Water
  • Diet Coke from McDonalds (it’s the carbonation ratio, I tell you!)
  • Double cheeseburgers from McDonalds (random, I know)


  • Coffee
  • Most sweets with chocolate in them
  • Meats

Weight Gain:  13 pounds total

Maternity clothes: Tops are still too baggy but bottoms are holding up a bit better.  There are still a few pairs of jeans that don’t stay up too well.


I’m loving my long, ruched, stretchy tanks =)

Running: Still running strong and maintaining that streak!  I’ve had issues with my bladder immediately signalling that I need to take a bathroom break as soon as I step off.  I know it’s a false alarm since I take care of business right before I leave but it’s still annoying to deal with.  It usually goes away after a few seconds, thankfully.  Fatigue makes it harder for me to be motivated to run but every time I pushed past those feelings I’ve felt great afterwards.  Weirdly enough, running even just one mile has been a huge cure-all to a lot of my pregnancy nuances.

Breathing really does suck now.  I can’t get the full lungful I want and it’s really obvious for me.  I get so winded before I even feel like I’m pushing myself hard enough.  It hasn’t really hindered me in finishing my distances, though.  I haven’t had to take walk breaks yet because of it, or because of pain.  I did come to realize that treadmill running will probably be blacklisted from my exercise options from now on, though.  It was really hot the other day and I choose comfort over scenery and decided to run on the machine.  I felt great while I ran but not so great the next day.  I significantly strained my left calf muscles and have been feeling it since then.  I know that part of the problem was that I didn’t change the incline on the belt like I normally do and kept it at a constant pace.  I didn’t naturally change my pace or have the elevation changes I normally get outdoors, something my body’s been used to for a majority of my runs.  It must have irritated some underused muscles and I must have compensated in some way that I didn’t realize I was doing.  Lesson learned.  I’ll stick to the great outdoors from now on.

I decided not to run any more races until my September one.  As much as I want to run for a medal, it’s not something I should be focusing my attention on at this point.  I’m trying to focus more on family and home lately before the new addition gets here.  I know things will get a bit more complicated for a while once the baby is here.

It’s crazy I’m in the third trimester now!  Jeez, it feels like just yesterday we told everyone we were expecting again.  These weeks are going by way too quickly.  Baby will be here before we know it!   I guess we better start cracking on the newborn essentials.


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