Running Week Summery: 29JUN2015 – 05JUL2015

Running wasn’t 100% awesome this week.

Monday I decided to run to the waterfront in our community rather than the usual 1 mile route I take for recovery runs.  Since our community is still under construction a lot of work is being done at the waterfront.  I wanted to see how far along they had gotten with the dock.  It was a good decision.  The weather was just beautiful.  It wasn’t too hot or humid.  There was even a nice breeze.  The waterfront looked amazing.  I saw that they made progress with the trails along it.  I’m hoping to be able to run on them in the future when they’re done.  After I was done I headed over to the gym and decided to work on my leg muscles.  My back’s been feeling a lot better so I was actually able to do some squats.

Tuesday was a 2 mile run.  I was able to get it done in the morning before it got too hot because my husband had the day off.  It was a bit tough to do because my glutes were feeling really tight from the gym workout the day before.  Other than that, it was just a typical 2 mile run.  I finished my cardio with some time on the elliptical then called it a day.

Wednesday I finished a 5K and felt pretty good.  My muscles were no longer sore and my pelvis and back felt great.  The only downside to the run was that my bladder is now starting to become a nuisance when I run.  I always make sure to void it right before I take off on my runs.  However, I think the baby’s finally putting enough pressure on it that it doesn’t make a difference anymore.  I always feel like I need to make a bathroom break.  It’s not pleasant but I know that I really don’t need to go since I take care of it beforehand.  I know it’ll probably only get worse from here on out.

Thursday my husband and I decided to celebrate our daughter’s birthday.  He was going to have to work late the next day (her actual birthday) so he wanted to make sure we celebrated it properly.  Since that took up most of the evening, I took my recovery day that evening when we returned.  I figured I’d just swap this night’s run with Friday’s.

Friday I was not feeling well physically.  I had some rough back and abdominal cramps all day.  I didn’t want to take another easy day again so I stuck to my scheduled 2 miles.  Turns out the run was the best thing I did all day.  I felt amazing throughout it and even picked up the pace in the end.  I was surprised at my average pace since it’s not a time I see too often nowadays.  I’m pretty sure that these 2 nice ladies who cheered me on as I passed them by helped me with the extra pep I got during my run.

My husband had to work the weekend so my run plans changed a bit.  I ended up running in the afternoon after he got home and decided to complete it on the treadmill.  It was pretty muggy outside and raining so an outdoor run wasn’t something I was looking forward to.  I decided to complete just 3 miles because I was still having cramps throughout the day.  The run itself went well so there isn’t much to dissect about it.  I was nice to run in a non-humid environment, though.

Sunday I woke up to some burning pain in my left calf and ankle.  I guess I must have strained muscles while running on the treadmill.  I dropped the 4 miles I was planning to do and only completed 1.  It was actually quite painful and the pain didn’t go away after a few minutes of light jogging.  I finished the mile but it wasn’t in the best time.  I was so glad once it was over and promptly iced/wrapped the affected muscles as soon as I got home.

It wasn’t a horrible week but definitely a bit lower in mileage than usual.  I’m not too saddened that things didn’t go according to schedule since I’ve been expecting things to slow down with me entering the last trimester.  There’s been a lot more stress and strain on my body and I’m trying to stay flexible.  I am so glad to still be running, though.  I still feel so much better this time around.  Keeping my fingers crossed this stays the same since things can change so quickly.


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