Running Week: 22JUN2015 – 28JUN2015

Had a fairly good week this week.  Didn’t have too many days where I wasn’t feeling the run, had pain, or had to run on the treadmill.

Monday was nothing special.  It was the usual recovery day and weights.

Tuesday I decided to run my 2 miler outside and try to beat the thunderstorm that was looming in the distance.  I thought I had plenty of time to go out and back before the storm reached our house.  I got to my turn around point and got a good view of the storm.  The dark clouds were looming closer now and were moving quickly towards our community.  I booked it to finish my second mile.  I’m not sure how fast I ran it but it definitely was quicker than normal considering my first mile was clocked at about 9:30 and my overall average pace for the entire run was 8:45.  I managed to make it to the gym before the rain came down.  However, after I finished some time on the elliptical, the storm was hitting us full force.  The downpour was so bad my husband came and got me.  I never drive to our community gym and am baffled at our neighbors that do (it’s literally 0.10 mile from all the homes in the community so yeah, I judge them for not just walking there).  However, today was an exception.  In the 3 seconds it took me to get to the car I was drenched.  I was so glad I finished my run before it hit!

Wednesday I was feeling good and it really reflected during my run.  I kind of felt like my usual running self.  I didn’t feel any pain when I started.  I didn’t feel sluggish like I have been when I first start running.  The only issue I had was a BH contraction I got during the last mile.  It went away quickly, though, and was able to finish strong.

Thursday I was feeling a bit run down so I took my 2 miler a bit slower.  I think 2 days of faster-than-usual paces may have caught up to me this day.  It wasn’t a good day pace-wise but I didn’t feel horrible during the run.  I finished up in the gym on the elliptical, my trade off for the lesser mileage.  I’m learning a lot about how much my body dictates how my run will go during this pregnancy.  This day was a great example.

Friday was an easy day and I wanted more than anything to back out of my gym workout once my run was complete.  I just was not feeling well this day and was exhausted from the long morning I had.  I completed my uneventful recovery mile and sucked it up and went to the gym after I was done.  I’m glad I did because after my run I actually felt great.  I finished all the weightlifting I had planned with no issues.

Saturday I got up bright and early for my “long” run.  I wasn’t sure how this would go since last week it went horribly.
I was happy when I woke up well rested and energized to run.  I was actually looking forward to the run.  I was a little sad to see it was raining.  Usually, I avoid running in the rain because my shoes’ soles aren’t waterproof (honeycomb rubber soles).  My socks get soaked and I hate the feeling of squishing along.  Still, it was so nice temperature-wise outside and I really didn’t want to run 4 miles on the treadmill.  I was aching for the change of scenery so I decided to just go for it and run outside.  The rain stayed light and I really enjoyed the entire run.  I was happy to see I ran quicker than my sluggish 10:00+ pace last week.  I felt great throughout the run as well.  I’d love to say I felt like I could run one more mile afterwards but I really couldn’t.  I can feel the strain and fatigue setting in towards the end of the 4th mile.  It’s a bummer I physically can’t handle more because of soreness/fatigue.  My heart really wants to keep going!

Sunday I went out for 3 miles and fully expected to be fatigued when I ran.  It’s been the trend for the past few weeks after my longer runs.  I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up once again feeling energized and ready to go.  The weather was just beautiful when I got out.  The rain the day before really cleaned up the air.  I didn’t run nearly as fast as my 3 miler earlier in the week but still a lot quicker than I was expecting.

I’m really pleased with how far I’m running at this point.  I’ve mentioned it several times but I wasn’t running by this point during my last pregnancy.  I could barely do a mile then without pain.  Now, here I am running and feeling awesome while doing it.  I think I’m going to make it to delivery day still running!  Granted, I may be down to 1 mile with a break somewhere in that length but it’ll still be running!  I’m really excited about that =).


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