Running Week: 15JUN2015 – 21JUN2015

Another week of the running streak down.  Lots of unexpected moments this week in regards to running plans.

Monday I was ready to run 2 miles instead of just my 1 recovery mile because I was feeling pretty good.  Taking it easy on Sunday meant that I felt quite energized Monday and I thought nothing about squeezing in the extra mile before I hit the weights at the gym.  That plan changed at the last minute.  I ended up aggravating my sciatic nerve right after dinner.  I could not put any weight or even move slightly for a good 30 minutes.  It was awful.  I did end up still going for my run later, about 2 hours after my nerve acted up.  I wasn’t in pain by then but my back felt tight.  I completed my mile slowly and skipped weights since I didn’t want to make my back any worse.

Tuesday my back felt a little achy but nothing compared to the night before.  I swam a few laps that afternoon while my family spent some time at the pool.  I didn’t swim much since I wanted to run afterwards.  I felt good enough after our pool time to do my scheduled 2 miles, reduced from my usual 3 given how much harder it’s been to run lately with the added baby weight.  My back didn’t feel tight or ache at all during the run.  However, I did get a side stitch during the run which prevented me from running any faster.  Any time I pushed harder I felt the stitch come on.  I later figured out it was round ligament pain.  It wasn’t terrible but it was enough to make running uncomfortable for a few minutes.

Wednesday I went out for 3 and felt pretty good.  The weather was perfect in that it was overcast and breezy.  It definitely felt cooler than the 89 degrees my weather app was reporting for our area.  I did feel a little bit of round ligament pain but it eased up once my body warmed up.

Thursday was nasty outside.  My husband was home for the morning so I went out early to get my run done.  Once I stepped outside I decided to take my 2 mile run to the gym.  There was 93% humidity and you could definitely feel it.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the run on the mill but running in humidity while pregnant is so miserable.  I was able to keep a good pace on the machine, though.  Running on the treadmill didn’t feel that great though.  I think I’m back to preferring outdoor running.

Friday I did 2 miles for my recovery run because I was feeling really good.  The weather was dry and perfect once again (well, as perfect as it can be for temperatures in the 80s).  I went to the gym to lift for a bit as well afterwards.  I was a bit wary with how painful my back felt earlier in the week.  I tested out how my back felt by doing a few squats.  It was quickly clear that my back wasn’t 100% so I decided to work on my arms instead.

Saturday I got my “long” run for the week done early in the morning.  Lately, it’s been tough running in the afternoon because I’m usually pretty tired from running around doing errands/chores during the day.  I’m trying to get more runs done during the morning before I get worn out even if it means I have to be up at 5:30 AM.  I actually woke up with some pain in both my back and pelvis.  I knew this meant the run would not be an awesome one in any way.  I went for the 4 miles anyway at a painfully slow pace.  Thankfully, my back and pelvis pain let up within the first mile.  I wasn’t too pleased with how slow I was but I was happy that I was able to do the distance without having to stop or take a walk break.

Sunday I completed 3 miles but wasn’t too enthused about having to do them.  I just wasn’t feeling like running that morning.  I went out and ran it anyway.  I was happy to see after a few minutes I was starting to feel pretty good.  I hit my groove and finish my run on a high note.  It’s funny how great a run can make you feel when you start off feeling miserable.  Pace was decent but still a bit slower than I like to see.

Running was definitely different this week.  I feel as though I’ve slowed significantly.  I’ve found that I can hit 8:30 paces but usually it’s on my 3rd mile of the run so I’ve only been able to see that on my 3 & 4-milers.  Typically, my runs start at about a 9:30 and go down from here.  Not too terrible for being 25 weeks along but still kind of disappointed when I’m used to much faster paces.

The treadmill has also become something I like to avoid now.  While a few weeks back it felt great on my joints to run on it, nowadays it feels horrible on my body.  I don’t know what it is but the pounding away on a stationary object makes my body feel horrible during the run.  I’ve found outdoor running to feel a lot easier on my body.  I think it’s because I can adjust my pace as needed outdoors.  When I’m on the mill, I just put a pace on and leave it there.  I don’t usually adjust unless I feel like I’m dying on it or if I’m working on speed work.  As a result, I think my body wears out a lot quicker than it would if I ran outside.  I’m going to try and avoid the machine from here on out but I know there will still be days I need it (it’s thunderstorm season around here).

I feel pretty good overall with running, though.  By this time last pregnancy I was hanging up my running shoes.  This time I feel like I can still take to the pavement, even if it’s just a mile or two at a time.  I’m pretty confident I’ll reach my goal of running up to my 30th week.  Hopefully I can continue to complete my runs without taking walk breaks.


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