Running Week: 08JUN2015 – 14JUN2015

Another week of running down.  Still streaking strong.

Monday was the usual recovery mile and gym time.  I’ve been feeling pretty good weight training and have been able to lift heavier weights now.  I’ve never been big on weight training because, let’s face it, I know nothing about it and it confuses me.  However, I have noticed that tacking it on to my cardio workouts really helps me out in the long run.  My muscles don’t fatigue nearly as quickly and I’ve found that it’s helped greatly with things like running hills.  I’ve also noticed that my muscles don’t feel nearly as sore as they used to when I push hard.  I really need to keep weight training and hopefully I won’t peter off it like I tend to do.

Tuesday I was planning to run 3 miles but had to change it up to just 1 mile.  I was greeted that morning to my daughter telling me she swallowed a penny she had the night before (sigh, toddlers).  As a result we had a last minute appointment in the late afternoon followed by an x-ray.  Needless to say, we didn’t get home until 8 PM.  Usually I would just strap her into the stroller and do my run that way because I knew about having a late evening in advance.  However, given that the temperature for that day was in the 90s, I decided to not put my child through that torture.  It’s one thing if it’s me running in the full sun.  It’s another if she’s coming with me.  I’m sure my body appreciated the extended break given that recovering from longer distances has been taking longer than it used to.  I wasn’t too pleased to just do 1 but at least I got that 1 miles in.  It’s better than not doing any exercise =).

Wednesday I was finally able to get a good distance.  My body was just itching to run long after 3 shorter run days.  However, I’m not sure if my growing belly or the weather is starting to affect my running.  I wasn’t in excruciating pain when I ran but I was uncomfortable.  I know I’ve been having a harder time catching my breath thanks to the reduced lung capacity I have now.  I’ve also found that although I feel as though I can push harder, my body just isn’t letting me.  This day was one of those days.  I finished in a decent time but definitely didn’t feel like I got a workout, if that makes sense.  By the time I was done I came to the conclusion that I need to re-evaluate the distances I’m running.  If 4 miles is starting to feel like a physical struggle then I probably need to taper down.

Thursday I took my run indoors because the heat index was ridiculous.  It’s already hard enough to run when humidity/temps are high.  Tack on pregnancy and it’s probably one of the most unpleasant experiences ever.  I still felt pretty slow even on the machine.  I am glad I was able to get that distance completed, though.  I just remind myself that last pregnancy this kind of distances didn’t happen at this point.  I’m already doing so much better this time around.

Friday was an easy day and I took it very literally.  It was so hot at 8:30 PM.  I was glad I didn’t decide to do 2 miles that day.  This weather is getting ridiculous.

Saturday I ran a 5K at Fort Meade.  I had to run with the stroller once again due to my husband having drill that weekend.  I actually really shocked myself with how good I felt during the run.  I managed sub-8 minute paces for the first 2 miles and a sprint the last 200 meters.  The hills were a bit of a struggle when I had to push 40 pounds up it but I managed really well.  I ended up with an 8:00 average on the dot.  Definitely a new PR pace and 5K with the BOB.

Sunday I got up nice and early to get my run done before my husband had to leave.  The minute I walked out the door I knew I wasn’t running outdoors.  I would have liked to because it was nice and bright at 5:30 AM, but it was already so muggy I was sweating after 5 minutes out there.  I went to the gym but I just couldn’t get into running on the machine.  After 1 mile I decided to call it done and finish up on the elliptical.  My pelvis was a bit achy anyway from the 5K the previous day.

It was a low mileage week.  I’m slightly bummed about that but I knew sooner or later I would need to start backing off significantly on my distance.  My body just isn’t what it normally is outside of pregnancy.  Still, it is so frustrating knowing what I’m capable of and not being able to reach it.  I’m going to step it down a notch with the max distance I run at a time.  Wednesday was a bit of a wake up call in that my body’s ready for shorter distances.  4 miles will probably be my max long distance for the week.  I’ll be sticking to 1-3 miles during the week and supplement with either swimming or elliptical.  I’m sure my joints will appreciate that and this way I can keep running.  Hopefully I can get to 30 weeks without issue.


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