Running Week: 01JUN2015 – 07JUN2015

This week went well.  I struggled slightly with motivation and pain but I was able to get my workouts done.  The new challenge I joined on MFP probably helped a bit.

Monday was the usual recovery run day.  I ran on the treadmill since it’s been helping with mitigating the pelvic stiffness I get sometimes post run.  Nothing major afterwards other than 30 minutes of weight work.  I definitely cherish easy days like this because it’s becoming tougher to get a full breath lately.  The baby is definitely pushing up on my lungs now.

Tuesday I was having some serious Braxon-Hicks contraction throughout the day and my back was killing me.  Sciatic pain has been an issue lately in general.  I don’t know quite yet what’s been aggravating it (other than the growing midsection) since some days I don’t have issues with it.  However, on days it is a problem, I have to take it easy because running becomes tearfully painful.  I managed 2 miles with only slight discomfort in my back and called it a day.

Wednesday I was feeling so much better.  The weather was pretty terrible outside.  The thunderstorms that had been threatening to occur the past few days finally happened.  I don’t mind running in the rain too much but I don’t like slogging through heavy rainfall.  That coupled with lightning, it was obviously the smartest move to run indoors.  I managed the 4 miles well on the machine and actually felt pretty good throughout it.  I did have one short BH contraction during my last mile but it let up pretty quickly and I didn’t experience any more of them.

Thursday I had this incredible burst of energy.  I decided to seize the moment and go out for the scheduled 3 miles rather than swapping it for Friday’s recovery run, something I typically do on appointment days.  My pace pretty much reflected how good I felt as it was a bit quicker than I’ve been hitting lately.

Friday I ran my recovery mile and did some weight work.  I’m was glad to see that I was able to increase my leg press by 10 lbs.  Unfortunately, this new weight level may be short lived since I noticed that my stomach is starting to get in the way when I use the machine.  It’s funny how the belly can get in the way of things and I don’t notice until I try to do something.

Saturday I was feeling amazing and the weather was just perfect.  It was sunny for once.  It truly pumped me up for my 4-miler.  I went out and enjoyed every step.  I didn’t have one ache or pain.  I even felt great enough to push myself a little more than I usually do.  I actually achieved negative splits on this run and even got a nice 8:15 mile in there.  I kind of felt like my old, slightly quicker self again. It definitely made my day =).

Sunday I was supposed to do the 6 miles I usually do.  However, my husband had to go into work in the morning.  I usually do my longest run of the week in the morning because I like to just get it done while I still have the energy.  Lately as the day wears on I find my that energy decreases.  It has a lot to do with the aches and pains of pregnancy getting to me.  My fatigue has gotten worse as well.  For today, I decided I would go for my run during my daughter’s nap.  By noon, though, I decided I would run 2 miles and spend some time swimming.  My pelvis was feeling particularly bad and kept popping painfully.  The run wasn’t the most pleasant but I didn’t feel any pain.  The swim felt amazing, though.  I did start to feel the pelvic pain towards the end of my swim workout but I think that had a lot to do with the fact that my form was starting to crap out since I was starting to fatigue.  I definitely was glad I went with swimming.  I don’t think I could have made it through the 6 miles.

It’s been kind of hard to accept how slow I’m becoming.  I find myself disappointed when I see my paces lately.  I think it’s because I worked so hard trying to get under 8 min/mile paces during the latter half of 2014.  I was finally getting there and making some huge strides when my pregnancy finally caught up with me.  I get fearful that I won’t be able to get there again.  However, I realize that I’ve done it twice already so surely I can do it again.  I just have to be willing to work just as hard again after my baby is born.

It’s become quite obvious that fatigue is starting to set in quicker now.  I don’t know what this will mean for the coming weeks, but I do know that as long as I don’t start getting severe pain from SPD I’ll keep planning to run.  It may be just 1 mile for that day but it’ll still be a mile.  I feel great compared to my last pregnancy so I’m not too worried about this happening anytime soon.  Fingers are definitely crossed =).


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