Running Week: 25MAY2015 – 31MAY2015

Late post this week.  I was pretty busy this weekend so I didn’t get to writing this post in time.

Monday I went for my short recovery run.  It felt great to go really slow because I was still worn out from the day before.  I spent a good 2 hours at the pool with my family and felt completely drained from being in the sun.  The recovery run felt like a blessing.  I did a bit of work with weights to round out my workout.  I signed up for a kayaking tour this day as well.  I was really looking forward to it and had a good time out in the water.  I want to get a kayak now because that’s how much I liked it.  However, I’m finding out quickly that kayaks are quite expensive.  I won’t be getting one any time soon.

Tuesday I felt like my old self again.  I went out for a splendid 3 miler.  It was quite warm that afternoon/evening (about 86 degrees).  However, there was a nice gentle breeze blowing.  It helped keep me cool and comfortable throughout my run.

Wednesday was one muggy day.  I dread running in humid weather.  Instead of slogging through my run in the sticky weather, I opted to run on the treadmill.  I love climate-controlled work outs =).  I was able to maintain a slightly faster-than-usual pace on the machine as well since it was so easy on my joints.

Thursday I took my active recovery and gym day since I had my bi-weekly therapist session.  Not much to this workout, really, other than planks kicked my butt!  I spent the next day trying to figure out why I had weird soreness in parts of my stomach.  It took me a while to realize it was my ab muscles that I engaged in the plank.  Since they’re slightly stretched out at the moment, the location of the pain isn’t where it’d normally be located.  I thought this revelation was quite funny.

Friday I just was not feeling like doing a 3 miler.  It was such a gorgeous day for the pool so I decided to get some swimming in while my daughter played with my husband at one end of the pool.  I was able to complete 500 yds at snail pace and with short breaks in between pool lengths (25 yds).  Lol, I’m definitely not a swimmer!  I think the last time I swam laps was when I was pregnant with Izzy.  It seriously has been that long.  It felt nice, though, and I loved the new challenge it presented to my muscles.  I went into the gym afterwards for a short 1 miler to keep my running streak.  This may have resulted in lower mileage for the week but it was so worth the trade off because I really enjoyed swimming.

Saturday I got 4 miles done.  My pace felt pretty sluggish but I didn’t feel as though I could push harder.  I had one 8:30 mile and that was it.  Thankfully the weather was really nice, though.  It was very breezy so it didn’t feel like the 79 degrees my weather app was telling me it was.  I can honestly say I enjoyed this run.

Sunday I went for my weekly “long” run.  I chose to do my usual out-and-back route.  I felt pretty good for the most part.  The hills were a bit of a challenge but I managed to push through.  I did start feeling some slight pain in my side, side stitch, midway through mile 4.  I had to stop at the 5 mile mark to try and stretch it out.  I was able to continue on and finish my last mile at a faster pace than the rest of the run had been (around 8:40) but I also felt some Braxton Hicks contractions throughout it.  I can honestly say that part sucked the most.

My overall mileage for the week came out to about 20 miles.  It’s lower than it was 2 weeks ago but I’m okay with that.  Lately I’ve noticed that I need to take into account how my body is feeling.  I get run down so easily lately.  After my Sunday run, I had Braxton Hicks throughout the day despite resting and hydrating all day.  I also pretty much crashed in the afternoon and took a long nap.  I’ve begun to notice how beat I feel after greater exertion and it’s no fun having to push through the fatigue when you have a toddler and chores to do.  I think it’s a sign that I need to either slow my pace more or cut back my distance and take on more cross-training.

I don’t want to give up running completely since I still feel good physically in the sense that I don’t hurt while I run.  Also, this week caps off 5 months of streaking and I don’t want to lose this momentum I’ve gained.  However, with the Braxton Hicks become more prevalent, I really need to cut something somewhere.  I’m hoping that by taking it down a notch this week I’ll feel better.  I’ve decided to drop to just 4 miles Saturday and keeping the 6 miles on Sunday.  If I get the contractions again on Sunday’s run, I’ll definitely be dropping to 5 on that day instead.  Right now I know I can make it to that distance without any contractions.  As for during the week day, I’m just going to play it by ear.  I won’t do anything more than 4 miles but I’m thinking of keeping it mostly at 3 and tacking on cross-training on lower mileage days (i.e. days I don’t think I can physically manage 3 miles but feel well enough to run at least 1 miles and get some other from of cardio).  We’ll see how this works out.

2 more weeks and I have another 5K to complete!  Looks like it’ll be a stroller one as well because, won’t you believe it, drill weekend falls on that weekend again.  Oh, well.  I do enjoy my mommy-daughter bonding time =).


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