Pregnancy: Weeks 21 & 22

Another 2 weeks have gone by and everything is still going fantastic. My husband and I have been discussing possible names. Once we settle on one we’ll finally let everyone in on the gender!

21 weeks – Finally feeling like I look pregnant in this photo. 


  • Frequent urination – This hits me more often during my runs.  I don’t have to immediately stop and go but I get the urge.  Usually making sure I go right before I take off has helped with avoiding interrupting a run with a pit stop.
  • Insomnia – It’s been back with a vengeance a few times in the last 2 weeks.  Some nights I’m so exhausted I go to bed immediately (or earlier than normal).  Other nights I’m up until midnight in bed and attempt to force myself to sleep.  There have been a few nights where I’ve woken up and just could not get back to sleep.  Those make the next day so much fun.
  • Fatigue – It’s hit or miss with this.  Some days I have unbelievable amounts of energy and get so much done around the house.  Other days I barely have the energy to get through the day.  I have noticed that an increase in activity wears me out a lot quicker than I predict.  We went swimming at our community pool this weekend.  I felt great and enjoyed swimming with my daughter and even taking a few slow laps by myself.  However, I felt completely beat for the rest of the day and well into the next two days.  It was as if I could barely function.  It made me realize I need to slow down a bit but that’s been a bit hard to do when I feel so great while I’m doing something.
  • Backache/pelvic pain – The aches in my back and pelvis can get pretty bad some days.  Usually, my back gets pretty sore if I stand for long periods of time without breaks.  Unfortunately, this happens often because I’m usually cleaning/doing chores and cooking every day.  I’m on my feet about 2-3 hours at once during the day doing all this.  I know I need to take breaks but I also need to get all these things done to keep things running on the home front.  My pelvic pain can get pretty bad after longer runs.  Once I go over 4 miles I tend to get the stiffness and soreness in that joint.  With the 10K the other weekend, my SPD flared up pretty badly and I could hardly walk.  It’s flared up randomly a few times if I lay or sit down weirdly as well.  Thankfully, gently stretching and putting a pillow between my knees has been helping tremendously.  Running on the treadmill has also been helpful since the impact seems to be easier on both my back and pelvis.  As much as I might dislike it, I may need to incorporate more treadmill runs.
  • Fetal movement – Baby’s been getting nice and strong!  I can see definite movements now and sometimes can even see where the baby is sitting because of how lopsided part of my abdomen looks. The baby is super active at night (convenient, right?) and usually about half an hour after I eat a large meal.  I still can’t get movement when I shine a light on my stomach but sometime poking my belly works.
  • Braxton-HIcks contractions – Oh, boy.  These sure have hit full force with this pregnancy.  I started noticing them a few days into week 20.  I didn’t think much of them because they didn’t bother me.  It wasn’t until the 10K that I really started feeling them.  I had them all day after that race.  I also started noticing that I get them if I’m on my feet for too long.  Exercise has triggered them a bit but I usually have to have pushed myself pretty hard to feel them.  Hydrating and resting helps usually.  They’ve been quite a shocker this time around because I can feel them a lot more than I did with my first pregnancy.  They’re not painful but definitely make me uncomfortable at times.
  • Leg cramps – These are a joy, let me tell you (/sarcasm).  I haven’t gotten a full blow, oh-dear-Lord, cramps quite yet but I have felt the onset of them.  I’ve kind of figured out how to stop them from progressing to full blown crippling somehow.  I’ve gotten them in my calves and usually they occur in the middle of the night.  Thankfully, when I feel one coming on I am able to stop it by flexing my feet.  It prevents my calve from tightening since I’m stretching it.  I can’t express how relieved I am that this works.  Charlie horses on the calves are the worst.
  • Leaking nipples – This may be TMI but it’s happened recently.  At first I didn’t know what the heck was getting on my night shirts and then I had an epiphany one morning.  I’m so not delighted with this.  It’s so early and it’s already happening.  Thankfully I wear lined bras so this shouldn’t cause any embarrassing moments anytime soon.


22 weeks – Then, I take a photo like this and don’t feel like I look pregnant again…


  • Fried pickles
  • Sushi
  • Wasabi
  • Fruit (fresh and frozen) and smoothies
  • Fruit teas
  • Cafe au lait
  • Sparkling and flat water
  • Ice cream
  • Sweet breakfast items like pastries, oatmeal, and pancakes


  • Not much that I can think of.  Sometimes I’m just not feeling any types of food, even when I’m hungry.  That frustrates me the most.

Weight Gain: Still at about 8 pounds total.  I’ve stopped weighing myself except for at the doctors because it can trigger panic sometimes.  I’m trying to stave off the ED thinking whenever I can.

Maternity clothes: Using all my maternity clothes now.  I still fit in some of my regular jean short, which shocks me a bit, so I have enough to keep me cool during our warmer weather.  My work out clothes are still fitting well.  Some of the shirts can feel a bit short but wearing my belly sports bra helps add length so my stomach isn’t exposed.  I don’t wear regular tops anymore unless they’re really loose in the abdominal region.  Wearing anything non-maternity that’s tight makes me uncomfortable because I feel like I look like I have a gut rather than a pregnant stomach.  That and they tend to be too short or unflattering as a result.

Hello baby bump!

Running: Still completing about 20-25 miles a week.  Braxton-Hicks have become somewhat of a nuisance after I run but it’s usually not too bad.  Pace has kind of been all over the place.  Some days I can rock an 8:15.  Other days I’m lucky if I hit 9:30.  A lot of times my paces are affected by how much I’ve been exerting myself physically throughout the day.  Usually, days where I’m on my feet a lot or running around doing errands are days where my pace suffers.  Also, longer runs have been way more taxing on my body than usual so I find myself running a lot slower the days after them.  I’m still so glad to be able to get out there and go strong.  I’m close to the 6 month mark for my running streak and I’m so excited about it!  Last time I attempted this, I had to drop out shortly after the 6 month mark due to a stress fracture.  I think I’ll be able to go further this time because I feel so great still.  Sure, the aches are there but they’re definitely no where near what they were with my first pregnancy.


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