Running Week Recap: 18MAY2015 – 24MAY2015

This week went fairly well.  My weekly mileage was down a bit this week due to soreness and feeling the need to decreases distance just a tad.

Monday I was still feeling quite sore and heavy in my muscles from the 10K.  It weirded me out a bit because normally I wouldn’t bat an eye at not taking it easy after a 10K.  That distance is usually small potatoes for me.  However, I’m finding out more and that during pregnancy my body doesn’t seem to think that anymore.  Rather than trying to push while I was still feeling out of sorts, I took the usual scheduled easy day again (I had originally planned to swap this run with Sunday’s original run).  Pace was a bit quicker than I expected but I’m sure the slight downhill helped with that.  I finished up some light cardio on the elliptical afterwards.

Tuesday I was feeling good physically so I jumped back into my usual 3 miler for the day.  The day was pretty stressful throughout so it was quite a relief to get out there and just run.  No real fast paces this time but enjoying the scenery and solitude was a great trade off.

Wednesday I was dreading my run.  My back had been aching all day from getting errands done all morning and taking care of house chores in the afternoon.  I’m probably on my feet way too much lately but it’s kind of hard to avoid it when I need to keep up with the weekly household schedule and my very active 2-year-old.  I left out the door thinking the run would be miserable and making back up bail out distances.  Turns out I had nothing to worry about.  After about 5 minutes I started feeling pretty good.  Nothing ached throughout the run and I was able to get in the 4 miles at a decent pace.

Thursday I decided to run on the treadmill.  I wasn’t feeling the outdoors that evening and wanted to be close to home a possible.  I was lacking motivation as well so I thought I might end up taking the recovery run that day.  After the first mile on the machine, though, I was feeling pretty good so I kept going.  I completed the distance I normally do on Thursdays and was pretty happy with my overall pace.  I did notice that I didn’t feel the usual strains I feel when I’m running on the pavement so the shock absorbance may have had something to do with my ability to feel comfortable at a faster pace.  I didn’t feel nearly as sore as I normally do after outdoor runs so maybe there’s something to this treadmill running…while I’m pregnant, anyway.

Friday was recovery day so I took it easy and got some weight work outs completed as well.

Saturday I had to wait until the evening to run.  We had our usual Gymboree class at 9 and I really wanted to sleep in a little since I normally don’t during the week.  I kept teetering back and forth as to how far I was going to go since I ended up having to use the treadmill again.  My husband had gone into work since they had an issue at the plant and was gone longer than expected.  I usually abhor long distances on the machine but figured I needed to get my run done.  I’m glad I stuck to the gym that day because my GI tract was not agreeing with me during the run.  I got to about 2.5 miles when my stomach started feeling funny.  I had to hit the E-stop at 5K because I needed to get to the bathroom ASAP.  Yeah, apparently my tract wasn’t too happy with me running so soon after a bad-for-you dinner (take out, anyone?).  Lesson learned.  I was able to hop back on and finish the last 2 miles, though, so thankfully no real ill effects came out of my sudden pit stop.

Sunday I got up early and set out on a 6 miler.  I didn’t want to go out for 7 since I wasn’t needing to run that distance anymore.  I was running that before just to ensure I could get through a 10K ok.  Now that the race was behind me, I feel no real need to “have” to run that distance.  I was feeling up to 6 so I went for it.  Since I had GI issues the day before, I decided to keep the route close and do 2 loops in the community.  The run went well but my pelvis was feeling a bit sore from the run the night before.  I kept it nice and slow, a tad slower than usual, and finished with no issues.  I was quite sore afterwards and had a few Braxton-Hicks contractions but felt good otherwise.  I got a bit of pool time in as well in the afternoon since our community pool is now open.  I quickly realized that I have the cardiac stamina to swim for a while but I don’t have the muscular stamina (does that make sense?).  My muscles were tired a lot faster than I was out of breath.  Looks like I need to work on some muscles groups!

Overall it as a good week.  I’ll probably cut my weekend runs to 4 miles and 6 miles so that I don’t feel so taxed for my longer run.  My body is finally catching up to me and I’m starting to notice more Braxton-Hicks and pelvic/back soreness after I run.  I think that may be a cue that I need to back off a bit and start shifting to the elliptical and swimming to help supplement my workouts as my distance decreases.  I don’t want to have to stop working out completely because of pain and I think that will help my joints a bit.


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