Running Week: 11MAY2015 – 17MAY2015

I forgot to mention that I decided to change the title of these summaries from “XX Training Week” to just “Running Week”.  Not really training for anything, or attempting to train for that matter, so the title just wasn’t suitable anymore.


The weather been so much nicer the past few weeks.  It’s safe to say spring is here.  However, lately it’s felt more like summer with our blazing 80 degree temperatures.  Being able to run outside is nice but it’s kind of a drag that I have to run at specific times when I know the heat won’t be too bad.

Monday I took my recovery run and spent some time at the gym.   This time around, it didn’t hurt nearly as much to squat and I didn’t feel like I destroyed my legs the next day.  It’s good to see how quickly my muscles are able to adapt and recovery considering this is only the third time I’ve complete my squat work out.  I always figured it would take more sessions than that to really adapt.

Tuesday and Wednesday were really nothing special.  I ran a 3- and 4-miler and managed to maintain a pace below 8:30.  I’ve been finding it tougher to get my pace below 8:20 lately.  It’s really been annoying me because I know I’m capable of better paces but my body just won’t let me get there.  It’s kind of hard to describe, really.  It’s like my mental fitness is there and my heart and lungs beg to be pushed harder, but for some reason I can’t seem to get my legs to move quicker for longer than half a mile.  It’s annoying because things just aren’t syncing up.  Pregnancy is so confusing to me when it comes to running.

Thursday was another 3-miler but I was feeling the backache a bit.  Sometimes my sciatic nerve pain flares up randomly.  I don’t know if it’s from sleeping funny or sitting funny but it can put a damper on things when it flares up.  I had a bit of a hard time getting my pace down as a result and the numbers definitely reflect that.  I groan when I think about how it’ll probably only get worse the further along I get.  There isn’t much baby belly there now so I can only imagine how painful this can become when I reach the third trimester.

Friday was nothing special other than a nice, slow recovery run.  I went to 2 miles instead of 1 because I felt like I had it in me to do 2.  I felt pretty good during the entire run and my back didn’t feel like it would seize up.  I did forget to put on my belly belt, though, and definitely felt the strain in my abdominals as a result.  I really need to make sure I don’t forget that dang thing.

Saturday I ran a 10K I had signed up for at Fort Meade.  My husband ended up having to travel out of state for drill weekend so I ended up having to push my daughter in the stroller.  I wasn’t too worried about it because I’d pushed her for 10K training runs before so I knew I could handle it.  Since I wasn’t trying to compete for age group placement anyway, pushing the stroller wasn’t a big deal.  The race went well and I was happy to see that I actually ran the race about 10 minutes faster than it took me to run a 10K training run with the stroller 9 months ago.  I don’t run with the stroller often, and when I do it’s usually no more than 3 miles.  I was expecting at least an hour and some change for a finish time.  Seeing the actual time was very rewarding.

Sunday I took it easy and ran just 1 mile.  I had a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the rest of the day after the race.  My glutes also felt quite sore a few hours after the race.  I figured I should ease up for today and give my body some time to recover.  Plus, being that my husband was still gone I’d have to push the stroller.  I was not looking forward to that after “racing” with it the day before.  I also didn’t want to put my daughter through sitting through another run after that long on, although I sure she wouldn’t have cared.  She like running with mommy.  I was more than happy to get over with the run and stretch out my glutes post-run.  I didn’t realize how much I have to engage them when running while pushing a stroller.  Good to know for the future.

Definitely a bit lower in mileage this week.  Not what I like to see but every week can’t be perfect.  Hopefully this week will be better.


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