Running Week: 26APR2015 – 10MAY2015

Today’s recap is two weeks’ worth of training/running recaps.  Life kind of got a hold of me last week.  When that happens, my hobbies such as this blog fall to the wayside.  Now that things have kind of slowed down I was able to compile my post for today.


Sunday was my last scheduled mileage increase.  I don’t plan on running anything further than 7 the rest of this pregnancy.  I’m sure I can handle more mileage but I really don’t feel it’s necessary to increase it if I don’t have to.  7 seemed like a safe bet because I wanted to ensure I could finish a 10K okay.  I wasn’t planning on any pace goals for this run so I just ran by feel.  I was slightly hoping for an 8:30 but wasn’t too surprised or sad that I ended up with about a 9:00 pace.  It was a pace that felt good and I was able to get through the distance without feeling maxed out.

Monday I completed my recovery mile and then headed to the gym.  I know I need to incorporate weight training to my workouts because I do none of it now.  I know it can help improve my running and overall it’ll make me well-rounded fitness-wise.  I didn’t do anything too crazy since I don’t pump iron regularly and did simple sets that focused on my legs, arms, and back.

Tuesday I went out for 3 miles.  I felt so slow during this run.  I know in part that it may be because I’m not a morning runner.  With my husband being on late shifts this week I had to get my runs done in the AM.  I just never fuel before morning runs unless it’s race day.  Terrible, I know.  My pace was a bit slower than I was used to but it’s all I really felt I could manage that morning.

Wednesday I was set to do 400m speed repeats.  That plan quickly fell apart.  I had planned to do 8 repeats but after the first two I knew that wasn’t going to happen.  I felt as though I needed to grab the rail far too often and could barely run without it for about 30 seconds.  After realizing that I just wouldn’t be able to complete the speed intervals properly (i.e. without grabbing onto the rails), I decided to cut it short to just 4 speed interval repeats.  I think this is where it hit me that speed work may be out of the cards for now.  I’m not too worried about it since I’m not trying to improve my pace at this point.  With what I was able to do, I completed repeats at 7.8, 8.0, 8.2, and 8.4 MPH.  I definitely felt burned out afterwards and so glad I decided to cut the workout short.

Thursday I went out for a 5K.  I felt pretty good throughout the run and even paced well.  Friday I decided to run 3 miles instead of the scheduled 1 mile recovery run.  I wanted to make up the missed mileage from Wednesday (the entire workout would have taken me to 5 miles) so I just tacked it on to the 1 mile I was already set to do.  I didn’t push too hard with this run because I was going to be doing 5 the next day.  I have become more than aware of how long it takes me to recover from longer distances.  Usually taking it easy right before those kinds of runs makes it a little easier to recover.  I went to the gym afterwards to get some weight training done.  I decided to do squats this time and really ended up paying for it the next couple of days.

Saturday I went pretty well in regards to pace.  Already feeling the slow down, I knew I wasn’t going to be looking at the near 8:00 I had last week.  My legs were pretty heavy the first mile because I was sore from the squats.  However, once I was warmed up they weren’t hurting anymore.  The day was absolutely perfect for the run as well.  It was a sunny 75 degrees and I ran in my shorts and tank for the first time this year.

Sunday was the long 7.  I was going to try for an 8:30 pace like the day before.  That definitely didn’t happen.  I was really feeling the fatigue and soreness in my quads and glutes from my squat workout Friday.  My legs felt slightly heavy throughout the run but I was able to complete it without stopping.  I wore my belly band this time around since I was feeling a bit of a pull on my lower abdomen lately.  I found the right position for it that kept it from riding up and still supported my belly from below.  It made a world of difference.  I didn’t get the pulling sensation at all during the run and my pelvis didn’t hurt afterwards.  The band has become a must-wear for every run now.

Monday I was so glad to only have a recovery run.  My legs were dead.  This was probably my worst pace in a long time.  Still, that small run helped shake out my legs a bit.  I decided to hit the gym and actually squat again.  I hoped that by working those muscles again I might flush the soreness I was feeling.  They were quite painful to complete but I got through them and felt a bit better afterwards.

Tuesday’s 3 went pretty well.  My quads/glutes were still a little sore but my muscles felt a lot looser this time.  I felt pretty slow this day, though.  8:00 paces just weren’t happening.  If I didn’t feel pregnant while running before, I definitely felt like that this time around.  I just felt like no matter how much I tried to push my body just wouldn’t allow it.  This is kind of hard to accept since I know I’m capable of going faster.  Still, I knew a slow down was inevitable.  It was just a matter of time before it reared its head.

Wednesday I was feeling pretty good for once so I went out for 4 miles.  I felt great the entire time and my legs felt like they finally recovered from those dang squats.  Compared to the last several days I felt as though I was flying through the run.  My pace says otherwise, lol, but it was nice to feel good again.  I did forget to wear my band that day and definitely felt it.  I have to make sure I remember to wear it every time.

Thursday I took my recovery run since I had an appointment at the hospital.  I ended up doing it as a stroller run since my husband had to run to the store and my daughter didn’t want to go with him.  Normally I’d do it after her bedtime but I really didn’t want to run after dinner.  Recovery runs don’t feel awesome when you have a full stomach.  I was extremely exhausted that day so I wasn’t sure my recovery run would go well.  I very much expected a 10:00 mile.  I was surprised to see my time and the sudden adrenaline I got out of the short run.  I felt great afterwards but definitely crashed later that night. I guess going through busier than normal days for the last couple of days finally caught up with me that day.

Friday I felt pretty refreshed after a good night’s rest.  I felt so good that I wanted to complete 4 miles that day.  My pace felt great and I was pleased to see it was below 8:30 on average (not much but still a bit quicker than normal).  The weather was wonderful once again and I enjoyed the run in shorts and a tee.


Bumping it slightly nowadays…

Saturday I got up to run at 5 AM.  We had a busy weekend ahead of us so I wanted to knock out my long run when I knew I still could.  It was quite dark out when I left so I decided to complete my 7 miler in the gym.  That was no fun whatsoever.  Treadmills feel like hamster wheels and I can’t stand running that long without a scenery change.  I tried to distract myself with the news on TV but it didn’t work.  I was so happy to be done with the run because I literally couldn’t take another minute on the machine.  I almost stopped my run short at 5 miles because that’s how monotonous the run felt.  Thankfully I found it in myself to just keep pushing.

Sunday I started Mother’s Day, and finished my run week, with the 5 miler I swapped out on Saturday.  It was actually 68 degrees outside at 0530.  That was insane to experience.  It’s been so long since I’ve run in hot, muggy weather.  It wasn’t the most pleasant run, as a result, but it still was a good run.  My calves were feeling a bit fatigued from the long run the day before but I was able to keep my pace pretty steady.  It’s not the best pace and it’s hard to accept that sometimes I just can’t run faster.  Hopefully as time goes on it’ll be easier to swallow.

The last two weeks have gone very well.  I’ve really come to realize how differently my body reacts to the stress of running.  My mind feels amazing but my body sometimes screams no.  I’m not looking forward to the impending further slow down but I know I’ll be back to my old self soon enough.  I just need to enjoy what I can do now and continue to listen to my body.


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