Pregnancy: Weeks 14 – 18

The last four weeks have been pretty good.  I had my anatomy scan at 16 weeks.  I guess the sonar tech from the last ultrasound made a mistake in not getting it pushed back 2 weeks after my due date changed.  Still, the tech said she’d see what she could get.  Worse case scenario would involved me having to come back in 2-4 weeks for another scan.  I wasn’t going to be too bummed if that was the case since it would mean more ultrasound pictures!

Everything checked out great and the tech was able to get everything she needed.  She said it probably helped that I was pretty small to begin with.  We did find out the gender of the baby but we’re holding off in telling everyone for a little bit.  I think we’re going to decide on a name first then let everyone know.

Well, on to the details of the last few weeks.  Again, feel free to skip if it’s not your thing:

14 weeks – I’m starting to get a hint of a baby bump now


  • Morning sickness/nausea
    – Around week 15 my nausea seemed to finally clear up.  I still get occasional morning sickness but it’s usually due to going to long between meals/food.  As long as my blood sugar doesn’t drop, I’m okay.  It’s nice not feeling like I’m going to pass out as well.
  • Frequent urination – Still going a ton.  I’m up at least once a night but it probably doesn’t help that I’m still downing water like it’s the nectar from the gods.
  • Increased thirst
    – Still thirsty all the time.  I’ve started adding lemon or lime juice to my water because the taste is starting to get boring.  I don’t crave liquids other than water so getting bored of the taste kind of sucks.  Thankfully I find that flavoring the water this way helps a lot.
  • Insomnia – My insomnia is sticking around.  It sucks because I’m always tired as a result but I can’t seem to fall asleep.  What’s worse is I can’t seem to nap either.  I guess I’m just getting ready for newborn sleepless nights early on this time..
  • Flatulence/bloat
    –  Flatulence is still hanging around, unfortunately.  The bloat has finally gone away and has been replaced with a slight baby belly.
  • Acne – My skin has finally cleared up.  It happened just in time since spring has finally hit the Baltimore area.
  • Fatigue – I’m not as horribly tired as I was in the first trimester.  However, the insomnia is contributing to fatigue and sometimes I run out of steam by the weekend.  Running is starting to cause some fatigue as well.  Thank God for concealer, though, because it keeps me from looking like death.
  • Backache – My pelvic pain has cleaned up quite a bit. It hurt pretty badly until week 15, although I did have a bout of pain during week 17 after my tempo run.  Thankfully it wasn’t as severe as I remembered it being with my first pregnancy.  I have begun to have back pain, though.  I’ve noticed that my gait has changed slightly due to the shift in my center of gravity.  I also realized that this has caused me to over-arch my back sometimes which in turn causes my back to ache.  I’m been trying to focus more on my posture while I run and keep my pelvis under me as opposed to tilting back.  That’s helped significantly but I have had moments where I’ve needed to stop during a run and stretch.  I know in part that my weak core isn’t helping.  I’m trying to do some gentle core work to help combat my bad posture.
  • Fetal movement – This has been my favorite symptom!  I finally felt the baby move around at 16 weeks, 5 days.  This is about 2 weeks earlier than I felt my daughter.  The few days before that I felt weird stretching sensations in my pelvic area but nothing that I could pinpoint as fetal movement.  It wasn’t until the day after our anatomy scan that I felt definite kicks/punches.  It’s kind of fun being able to tell when baby’s awake but it’s not so much fun when baby punches/kicks my bladder.

16 weeks – No real bump growth but it’s there


  • Seafood (not fried) and sushi
  • Spicy (any) food
  • Fruit (fresh and frozen) and smoothies
  • Super meaty pizza (so random since this kind of pizza usually grosses me out)
  • Raisin bran (this one is rather specific)
  • Sparkling and flat water
  • Eggs any way: omelet, in a sandwich, benedict, etc


  • Coffee (sometimes)
  • Meat (though this is getting better)
  • Anything chocolate though sometimes I can stomach a peanut butter cup

18 weeks – Still looking more like I ate too much rather than a real baby bump

Weight Gain: I’ve gained 3 solid pounds.  However my weight has been fluctuating between 1-5 pounds so really 3 pounds is what I would average out of it.

Maternity clothes: I’m still wearing my regular jeans although most of my mid-rise jeans are starting to get a bit snug.  I still wear regular tops although midway during week 17 I decided to start wearing some maternity tops because it makes me feel better about my “gut”.  I look more like I’m chubby in the midsection rather than pregnant so I’ve become very self-conscious about it.  Given my poor body image, wearing looser shirts helps keep me from panicking and going off the deep end.

Running: On average I’ve been completing about 20 miles a week.  I’m still following the 5K training plan and attempting to do speed work.  However, I’ve started noticing that my stamina is dropping a little.  Speed work is a bit more challenging nowadays.  Long runs usually equate to some pelvic pain/backache that afternoon or the next day.  I feel my pace slowing a bit and it take me a little longer to warm up before I hit my groove lately.  Still, I’m glad that other than the fatigue and soreness I feel after a challenging run, running itself is rather pain-free.  The running streak is still going strong as well!


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