First Trimester Recap

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I figured I’d give a not-so-short recap of how my first trimester went.  If pregnancy posts aren’t your thing, feel free to skip this.  This one is quite lengthy:


               First belly shot!  The day I got my positive test (4 weeks)


  • Morning sickness/nausea – After I got my positive pregnancy test and confirmation from my primary care doctor, I started gearing myself for the morning sickness.  I was slightly dreading getting through the first trimester.  When I reached 6 weeks
    with my first pregnancy I got incredibly ill.  I couldn’t eat much other
    than bad carbs and I had no energy.  I was surprised with how differently I felt this time around.  I did get morning sickness but unlike my first pregnancy (I experienced classic puking and nausea), I felt faint and dizzy.  I few times I thought I would pass out because of how lightheaded I got.  It wasn’t pleasant but I realized that snacking throughout the day helped keep the vertigo at bay.  There were a few instances of classic nausea that hit me right as I tried to go to sleep at night.  Pleasant, right?  Thankfully, I learned during my first pregnancy that Preggie Pop Drops helped immensely with the nausea (Zofran never really worked for me before).  I would just pop one of those in my mouth whenever the nausea would hit me hard.
  • Frequent urination – I didn’t have to use the restroom a lot early in my first pregnancy.  I was slightly shocked this time around because I had to go all the time (and it progressively got worse as the weeks went on).  I woke up 2-3 times a night as well.  That made sleeping loads of fun.  It probably didn’t help that I was guzzling water all the time.
  • Increased thirst – I was thirsty all the time.  The only thing that quenched it was water and the occasional sparkling water when I wanted something different.  Needless to say, I went through a whole case of Perrier from Costco in a week at one point.  Talk about expensive!  Still, I was kind of glad this was a symptom because sometimes I can be terrible at drinking enough water throughout the day.
  • Insomnia/cramping/headaches – I had all three of these symptoms early on before I got a positive test.  They lasted for about a week, thankfully.
  • Flatulence/bloat –  Flatulence was quite an embarrassing symptom for me but very present.  It came early on and is still sticking around (I just love pregnancy hormones…).  Bloating made me uncomfortable and quite self-conscious.  Sometimes I couldn’t tell if it was bloat or if I was finally showing.
  • Acne – Oh boy, I did not enjoy this one.  My chest broke out like crazy.  I’m pretty sure 16-yr-old me would have been horrified.  It was bad.  I was just glad it was winter time and I had plenty of shirts that hid it.
  • Fatigue – This hit me just as badly as with my first pregnancy.  I am fortunate in that this time around I am not working full time.  However, resting wasn’t quite as easy was it was with my first pregnancy.  I have a toddler now and she kept me on my toes.  I had to keep her entertained and still get my usual household chores done.  There were a lot more take out days than I liked during that time and
    sometimes the house stayed a mess that day.  Sometimes my daughter was
    planted in front of Mickey Mouse for a bit.  The few times I did need to nap I was able to sneak one in during her nap.  Thankfully these days weren’t
    too often and I managed to stick to our schedule.
  • Pubic bone pain – I started feeling this pain around 7 weeks.  With my first pregnancy, I had Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) and showed symptoms around 16 weeks.  I was slightly shocked that I started feeling similar pain early on.  I did noticed that the pain didn’t flair up when I ran outdoors so I tried to complete most of my runs outside instead of on a treadmill.  That helped alleviate some of the pain.

                                              6 week shot


  • Potato wedges with cheese (and greasy junk in general)
  • Seafood (not fried) and sushi
  • Spicy (any) food
  • Fruit (fresh and frozen) and smoothies
  • Cake, froyo, and sour candy
  • Salads
  • Sparkling and flat water


  • Oatmeal
  • Coffee
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Anything chocolate

                                                     8 weeks

Weight Gain: I didn’t gain any weight by the time I entered 14 weeks.

Maternity clothes: No need to wear them yet this time! I still fit comfortably in my jeans much to the surprise of my OB.  I’m still not “showing” yet but I was expecting to pop sooner since everywhere I’ve read/seen that most women show by the 13th week (with their second pregnancies, of course).


                                                10 weeks

Running: On average I completed anywhere from 18 to 25 miles a week.  The running streak is still going strong.

With my first pregnancy I didn’t run for a good
month due to fatigue/morning sickness…and I had the Goofy Challenge looming over me.  This time around I did a lot better sticking with a workout routine.  Don’t get me wrong, there were moments I did not want to run.  Still, I pushed myself out the door anyway and always felt so much better when I did.  It made all the dizziness, faintness, and nausea go away.  I also felt so much more energetic afterwards.  I continued my usual running routine with the occasional easy, short runs when I didn’t feel particularly 100%.  I also started the 5K plan without a hitch.  Luckily, by the time I started the plan I was starting to get my energy back.


                      12 weeks – bloat or possible start of a bump?

I’m very glad the first trimester is over.  It wasn’t as bad as the first time around but I’m so happy to have my energy back (and I’m sure my daughter is as well).  I’m starting to feel a bit of the aches and pains that I got last time, and this worries me a bit because that’s what brought my running to a screeching halt.  However, I’m keeping my thoughts positive and will be trying new techniques to see if they’ll help prevent the aches from getting too severe.

I’ll do one more summary post for weeks 14 through 17 which will hopefully be shorter than this.  I’ll be doing bi-weekly posts as opposed to weekly since not much changes from week to week.  Plus, I want to try to keep future pregnancy posts shorter (this was a novel!).


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