5K Training Plan Week 6: 12APR2015 – 18APR2015

Very easy week this time around.

Sunday I was supposed to make up the fast 4-miler I was supposed to run on Saturday.  That didn’t happen.  On weekends I tend to have a tough time motivating myself to run in the afternoon.  It’s because I feel so worn out with the constant go-go-go with a 2-year-old by the time Saturday hits.  Usually, my runs on the weekends are first thing in the morning to help change things up and get it over with before I feel zapped.  With that weekend being a drill weekend for my husband, I didn’t have the opportunity to run in the AM.  Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time he came home.  Since I just wasn’t mentally into it, I took it easy and ran a short 1.5 miles.

Monday was a different story.  I felt pretty good and a bit more energetic than I did the day before.  I went out for that fast 4 miles and was happy to see the results.  It’s not a sub-30 but it was pretty close!  My back was aching pretty badly, though, so the run didn’t feel like my full potential.  I probably could have gotten that sub-30 if it hadn’t ached so badly.

Tuesday I took it easy because my back was still a bit achy.  I ended up going to the gym since it was pouring out and I had no desire to get soaked that day.  After 2 miles I hopped on the elliptical to get a bit more cardio in.  I didn’t want to overdo it with the 5K race coming up and the way my back was flaring up so I skipped weights that day.

Wednesday my back felt a lot better so I went out for an easy 3 miles.  Tuesday and Friday were pretty much the same runs pace-wise as Wednesday (with the exception of distance) so there’s nothing really significant to report for them.

Saturday was race day.  I was beyond nervous.  I really wanted to do well and push past my comfort zone.  I also really wanted to place because I knew I had a good shot at it since this was a small race.  I started off too fast but evened out my pace for the following 2.6 miles.  The course was actually longer than the 5K advertised (race director confirmed that) so my finish time was a lot slower than I expected.  However, once I checked my splits and pace average I realized that I was only 2 seconds slower than I was at the last 5K race.  Not bad.  My back held up well, thankfully, and I didn’t feel sore afterwards (something I’ve been struggling so far with this pregnancy).  I did end up placing but I’ll cover more about that in a future post.

All in all it was a good, restful week.  Mileage was low and not usually the approach I take when running just a 5K race.  However, I’ve come to noticed my body reacts and recovers a lot differently now that I’m pregnant.  I wanted to make sure I could give it my all at the race and this approach seemed to aid with that.  For this week I’m picking up with where I left off last week on the plan (week 6 starting with the last 6 milers on Sunday).  I’m not sure how speed work from here on out will pan out since my body seems to have made subtle changes that have been affecting my gait/speed/running in general.  I’m starting to see a slight slow down in my pace lately.  I’m just hoping I’ll be able to keep up with the same effort for a bit longer.


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