Expect the Unexpected

Deferral.  That’s a word of dread for me when I think of the races I’ve signed up for.  The thought of having to delay the race an entire year makes me sad, especially if it’s a large race.  I’ve deferred two races in the past: the Marine Corps Marathon and Wicked 10K in VA Beach.  I did manage to complete the MCM and will hopefully complete the 10K this October.  Still, I couldn’t help but get disappointed anyway when I had to defer.  I just get so excited about training for and actually completing the race that I feel really let down when I have to push one off.

I have yet to delay a race due to injury.  I’ve very happy with having that track record so far.  My one major injury occurred in the months between races so I was able to jump back into training and actually run the races without issues.  My two previous deferrals were due to scheduling issues.  With MCM, my husband went underway with a submarine as an evaluator a week before the race.  A critical event occurred while they were out and the sub’s underway time got extended.  He ended up being out longer than we anticipated, and I almost had to defer a second marathon I had signed up for in November.  Thankfully a friend was able to watch my daughter for me while I ran the November race.  With Wicked, logistically we didn’t want to spend a weekend driving half the day to run a short race I’d finish in an hour.  I’m technically running it this year although the making the trek to VA Beach sounds less and less enticing.  I’m debating donating my entry to a charity running group based out of Hampton Roads so that it doesn’t go to waste.

This year I find myself deferring races once again.  No, I’m not injured and logistics didn’t play a part this time.  In fact, I’m deferring my races due to a delightfully surprising circumstance that may have been obvious after yesterday’s post race photo.


I’m pregnant!  That’s right, all the heartache I was expecting of a long conceiving process never had a chance to materialize.  It was quite the surprise for me but I’m so, so excited.  It feels great to actually have it happen “so easily” since the last time was such an emotionally painful and long experience.  I’m actually in the 2nd trimester now and waited until this point to write about this because of the uncertainty that the first trimester can bring.  I’m slightly paranoid about sharing such good news early because I feel as though I’ll jinx it.  I also felt quite hesitant this time around telling everyone because of the commotion it caused during my last pregnancy.  There were just a lot of hurt feelings, drama, and such when it came to family.  The thought of telling everyone and going through that mess again made my gut hurt.  Still, at some point we were going to have to tell everyone…or maybe not.  My husband had this idea of just showing up for the Avengers race weekend and being like “Surprise!  We had a baby!”  Yeah, that would go over so well.  However, whatever drama we may face, I’m just glad it’s out there already.  This makes it so much easier to explain why my endurance and speed have been a bit off lately.

In the past I hadn’t deferred races because of pregnancy.  In fact, I completed the WDW Goofy Challenge and the WDW Princess Half Marathon while I was pregnant with our daughter.  The biggest difference this time around, though, is that I was only 14 weeks and 20 weeks (respectively) during both those events.  It is a lot easier to run during those early weeks, although I will admit that the half was harder to complete than I expected at 20 weeks.  My races for this year are set for May, June, and October.  With my due date set in mid to late September, I’d be 5, 6 months pregnant and 1 month postpartum respectively.  I was barely able to run at 6 months.  In fact, I stopped around the 6 month mark because I ended up developing Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction.  It made it unbearable to walk let alone run.  I don’t know how my body will react this time around so I’d rather not take the chance of committing to run the first 2 races.  As for the marathon in October, it would be stupid of me to try to run that around a month postpartum.  I was able to complete a half marathon 2 months postpartum with a decent time (2:11).  A marathon is twice the distance with about half the amount of time to train for it.  No way.  That’s just asking for a horrible experience, DNF, or injury.  So, the best decision for me to make is to defer the King Crab Challenge to 2016.

I defer with a heavy heart but life is unpredictable and things happen.  This happens to be a good reason to defer!  To help with some of the sadness of deferring I decided to sign up for the Fort Meade Run Series.  It’s a series of six 5Ks and one 10 K.  I think I can handle that distance pregnant and they always have the option to drop to the 1 mile walk.  There’s only one race that falls close to my due date but chances are I’ll be able to complete it before I deliver (though probably very slowly!).  I also signed up for the Avengers Superheroes Half Marathon at Disneyland which takes place mid-November.  Coincidentally, it’ll be about 2 months postpartum, the same situation I was in when I ran the Disneyland half after my first pregnancy.  I don’t expect a PR or placing in the top 5 for military but I’m excited for it.  I know having a race so close after delivery helped motivate me to get out and be active after my first pregnancy.  If all goes well this time around, I’m hoping I’ll be equally motivated.

With my current running situation, I’ve thankfully been able to continue my running streak throughout my first trimester and well into the second trimester.  During the first few months, there were a lot of days of the bare minimum of 1 mile because of nausea and fatigue but I was able to find it in myself to push through.  I’m not 100% sure I can continue the streak for an entire year (I have no idea how it’ll go with labor and delivery and I’m sure they frown on running in the hospital post-delivery!) but if I can continue, awesome.  If not, it’s not the end of the world.  There’s always starting over =).  I’m just hopeful my running can continue a lot longer than it did last time.  I love to run and missed it dearly the last few months of my pregnancy.  Still, I would never push through and continue if it’s painful.  Why continue doing something that causes great pain?  It doesn’t make me a bad-ass pregnant runner…probably more of a stupid one, really.

Here’s to a healthy and (hopefully) pain-free pregnancy!


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