5K Training Plan Week 4: 29MAR2015 – 04APR2015


Just reached the halfway point of the training plan!  Too bad I started this plan late and my race is actually in 2 weeks, not 4…

Sunday was the first increase in distance for the long run on the plan.  I wanted to run out on the road that I normally do 10Ks on but given the time of day I headed out I knew that it wasn’t a wise idea.  I got to head out while it was still light out but the last mile or so were after the sun had set.  Although the majority of the run was during daylight hours, the last run would have been precarious in the dark.  The road isn’t well lit and there are no sidewalks.  I don’t mind running on the shoulder but I don’t exactly have great faith in drivers at night.  I stuck to a neighborhood run and did a loop twice.  It wasn’t exciting but it got the job done.  I was actually able to nail an 8:30 average which was nice.

Monday I got a call from my husband saying he wouldn’t be home until maybe 8 PM.  That kind of screwed up my plan for my run that day but it was luckily a beautiful day out.  After my daughter and I had dinner, I loaded her up in the BOB and went out for my run.  Thankfully Monday was a rest/active recovery day so I went an easy distance and tried to not push too hard.  The stroller helps slow my pace down so keeping an easy pace wasn’t difficult.

Tuesday was another gorgeous day so I got outside and did my 3-miler out in the sun.  My husband’s schedule changed for the next two days so instead of going in early for work, he left around 11.  That meant I actually got to get my run complete first thing in the morning!  I realized this run that I’m definitely not a morning runner in that I wasn’t quite awake when I started.  The first mile also felt a little rough and I wasn’t able to get into the groove of things until I’d covered about 0.75 miles.  Pacing was where I expected so I was affected too badly by the earlier time.

Wednesday was a tempo day.  Since I’m still figuring out this tempo pacing, I took my run to the treadmill.  I kept warm up speed at 7.5, tempo speed at 8.0, and cool down speed at 7.8/7.5.  I did a 5 minute warm up, 25 minutes at tempo, and a 5 minute cool down.  This run definitely was not easy.  I pushed the pace as much as I could and I felt the burn.  There were so many times I wanted to take a breather but I pressed on and was able to finish without having to stop.  I was more than elated to be done with this run.

Thursday was active recovery day.  I woke up pretty ill that morning.  I had an inkling of a cold a few days before and this day is where it hit me full force.  I woke up with a horrendous cough and sore throat.  After a trip to Wal-Mart I was able to calm things out a bit.  Breathing didn’t feel too awesome due to the sore throat but the run itself helped loosen up some of the congestion.  I had no goals for this short run except to just get it done.

Turns out I did my active recovery a day early.  I was supposed to do 2 recovery/rest days before my practice 5K and I had my days mixed up.  The shift in my husband’s schedule mixed me up and I had my days down wrong.  As a result, I ended up doing the 3-miler scheduled for Thursday on Friday.  It was another early morning run since my husband had Good Friday off from work.  This run was not pleasant at all no thanks to my cold.  It felt as though I spent 50% of the run coughing and I didn’t feel as though I could get my breathing down right.  My pace wasn’t affected too badly but it really wasn’t where I wanted it to be.  Granted, 10 seconds slower isn’t too horrible so I really shouldn’t complain.  It’s just hard when you know you’re capable of doing better.

Saturday was another easy day so I went for a simple 1.5 miles.  Nothing exciting to report about this run other than it’s nice to just take in the scenery during a morning run =).

My first 5K is in 2 weeks.  I’m excited and a bit nervous about it.  The practice 5K went okay but it wasn’t what I expected.  I’ll save that for next week’s recap, though, just to keep the weekly recaps consistent.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


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