Pregnancy: Weeks 14 – 18

The last four weeks have been pretty good.  I had my anatomy scan at 16 weeks.  I guess the sonar tech from the last ultrasound made a mistake in not getting it pushed back 2 weeks after my due date changed.  Still, the tech said she’d see what she could get.  Worse case scenario would involved me having to come back in 2-4 weeks for another scan.  I wasn’t going to be too bummed if that was the case since it would mean more ultrasound pictures!

Everything checked out great and the tech was able to get everything she needed.  She said it probably helped that I was pretty small to begin with.  We did find out the gender of the baby but we’re holding off in telling everyone for a little bit.  I think we’re going to decide on a name first then let everyone know.

Well, on to the details of the last few weeks.  Again, feel free to skip if it’s not your thing:

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Mundane Things Make a Runner Happy

About 6 months ago my Garmin’s “run reset” button stopped working. I tried troubleshooting it but short of sending it back to the manufacturer (with an $80 diagnostic fee), there was no way I was going to get it to work. I sucked it up and just made sure to connect the watch to the charger. This would automatically reset the run. 

Today, while getting my daughter ready for bed, my Garmin pinged its “battery saver mode” warning. Without thinking I pushed the broken button. It beeped. I did a double take and pushed it again. Another beep. What?! After my run today I pushed and held the dang button. It worked and my run reset like it should. Well, I’ll be…my watch works 100% again! I can actually turn it off now without having to put it on the charger. This just made my crappy day end awesomely. 

I literally wanted to jump for joy and ran over to tell my husband. He wasn’t nearly as excited as I was (he’s not a runner). 

It’s really all about the simple things in life =)

Fort Meade Race Series: Earth Day 5K – April 18, 2015

This past Saturday I ran my first race of this year.  As I mentioned on Sunday, I had to defer my half marathon (scheduled on May 3rd) because I wasn’t sure how my body would hold up this pregnancy.  I signed up for this race series so that I would still enjoy the racing experience just at a shorter distance.  The price wasn’t too shabby either.

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Expect the Unexpected

Deferral.  That’s a word of dread for me when I think of the races I’ve signed up for.  The thought of having to delay the race an entire year makes me sad, especially if it’s a large race.  I’ve deferred two races in the past: the Marine Corps Marathon and Wicked 10K in VA Beach.  I did manage to complete the MCM and will hopefully complete the 10K this October.  Still, I couldn’t help but get disappointed anyway when I had to defer.  I just get so excited about training for and actually completing the race that I feel really let down when I have to push one off.

I have yet to delay a race due to injury.  I’ve very happy with having that track record so far.  My one major injury occurred in the months between races so I was able to jump back into training and actually run the races without issues.  My two previous deferrals were due to scheduling issues.  With MCM, my husband went underway with a submarine as an evaluator a week before the race.  A critical event occurred while they were out and the sub’s underway time got extended.  He ended up being out longer than we anticipated, and I almost had to defer a second marathon I had signed up for in November.  Thankfully a friend was able to watch my daughter for me while I ran the November race.  With Wicked, logistically we didn’t want to spend a weekend driving half the day to run a short race I’d finish in an hour.  I’m technically running it this year although the making the trek to VA Beach sounds less and less enticing.  I’m debating donating my entry to a charity running group based out of Hampton Roads so that it doesn’t go to waste.

This year I find myself deferring races once again.  No, I’m not injured and logistics didn’t play a part this time.  In fact, I’m deferring my races due to a delightfully surprising circumstance that may have been obvious after yesterday’s post race photo.
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Legacy Runner

I kind of went back and forth about registering for this race. I missed the Disney Vacation Club early registration because I was so undecided. However, the idea of becoming a legacy runner was enticing so I went ahead and registered. We’ll be due for a family visit anyway. I signed up our daughter for a kid’s race as well. It should be a fun weekend. I’m looking forward to staying at a Disney resort this time around. The start/finish is literally 5 minutes from where we plan to stay. I’m also excited to stay at the hotel we stayed at the night of our wedding. The Grand Californian is pretty swanky compared to the other hotels on the property.